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Ron English / Garage Works DJ set + Toy

Played a 3 hour DJ set at Garage Works in the forms of electronica (ala Aphex Twin, Dan F, Orbital, Flying Lotus, Plaid etc), cut up with bits of Japanese Hip-Hop and drum n bass, as well as some records my friends and I did.

I really like playing at Garage Works because the guys who run it ( Chris and Jian) are cool and they get awesome artists in their gallery (last time Pat Lee was there and this time it was Ron English, whose art work I always liked since seeing what he did to Ronald MacDonald in "...Read more

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Digidude Launch Party

Launched Counterf!t's Digidude at Philia Lounge which was amazing good fun, we also took the time to show glimpses of our t-shirt line and comic book which will come out later this year, however it mostly was about the toy.  Part of the night consisted of myself DJing and Foon Wong (the designer of the toy and designer for a majority of countef!ts output) doing a live drawing of the toy. After that we let everyone sign the canvas. Special thanks to E.V.E.N.T. who helped arrange the party it was wicked cool ! Counterf!t consist of my...Read more

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Photoshoot Session 2 @ Q 97

So the team returened to shooting for our coffee table book project (Spencer and Derrick, and myself)

Last time rocked and this time we had the wonderful Shan Chen modelin for us !

Extra thanx to Mike Tam for the work with the hair and to the guys at Q 97!

These are some behind the scenes photographs.

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Photoshoot Session 1 @ Crystal Bar

About a month ago I came up with a concept and decided that I had to get it made because it seemed like a good idea and quite a bit of fun, so I called up Spencer and Derrick, and before ya know it we were shooting!

It's a cool team and this was the first of many photo sessions we are going to have.

Special Thanx to our awesome model Louisa + Kiva & Mike for Hair n' Make up.

At the end we hope to publish it all in a very cool coffee table book.

These are some behind the scenes...Read more

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Back From Bangkok

Just Got back from Bangkok, Thailand which kicked ass.

My mother was born there and her first language is Thai so she brought me and my brother there every summer and once again I went down. The difference this time however was that it wasn't only for fun & shopping but also for business regarding the soon to be released Digidude  Toy by Counterf!t and for some fashion, MV and music projects that I am currently working on.

Here are a few pics :)

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Music in the Cinema

Been working on tons of music once more and just saw the new James Bond film in the Cinema before which they play an advert for DelayNoMall by CB Fresh for which I did the music.

I took a video of it !

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTkNk1nesx0

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Adverts, Toys, Fashion, and electronica beatz

So once again I'm entering something into the Blog.

I just finished doing a track for the Ghost Tunes project called "Spooky Robotics" I hope the guys who run the thing thinks its cool, I worked with a bunch of weird gear to make all sorts of noises and textures and then used a TR-808 beat under it that I made, after which I dipped it all in reverb.

<...Read more

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Film N' Music

Its been a while and its been busy.

Been workin on lots of music, and fashion and more importantly directed an advert for Graffiti Games, featuring one of their game characters scaring of a Dj and inserting his Katana into a DJ deck.

The shoot was good fun. Derrick, Simon,Mike, Taku, Kento, Foon, Spencer and a bunch of other well cool people worked on it which was damn cool and I sincerely hope we do more stuff together in the future. I love film, its my favorite medium because it combines all mediums (music, photography, a...Read more

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Shootin' Adverts and Makin' Comix

Workin on this n that, am gearin up to direct an advert for a video game which should be fun! The advert features a rock n roll ninja and some Katana action which is always great.

It'll be in Japanese too which is interesting. We headed off to cinirent to see what kind of toys we could get to shoot the bastard and then chased after the props (the sword was well cool).

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