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Photoshoot Sesssion 10 @ WAGYU LOUNGE & YUMLA

We're back with vengeance....that or we (Spencer, Derrick and Myself) are doing the final shoots for the coffee table book, after which we will enter the period of post production, going through the hundreds and hundreds of pics we have accumulated over the last few months ^^

Anyhow this time round we had an amazing model from Malaysia (who also has done FHM in her native country ) the wonderful Sarah Lian, who was a joy to work with.

The shoot was a bit different in the fact that we shot...Read more

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Interview with BC Magazine

Interview I did with the current issue of BC Magazineabout Djing, Making Music, Designer Toys, producing TV Shows and distributing Fashion ^^  Read more

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DJ Set with Hong Kong Heavy on the 18th of April

For those of you who love the Drum n Bass come on by on the 18th of April ! I'm playing along with some other Dj's @

Sammi's Kitchen

San Toi Building

137-139 Connaught Road

Sheung Wan

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RAZK and AIKO Rocking South Korea


Its always cool to see someone wearing a brand Makimi distributes and I was well happy when our partners Makiba helped hook up some promotion in South Korea.

Below a picture of 'MC. Mong' who is a famous singer in Korea

He wore RAZK in the reality program "one night two day". This program is very popular in Korea. 

Read more

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Dj Kentaro: Interview + Dj Set

As some may have noticed I'm a bit of a audiophile, particularly for the stuff that is creatively put together and DJ Kentaro is someone whose music I've admired for some time, so when we heard he was playing at cliq the Code 3 crew ( same guys behind the coffee table book) decided we had to get an interview with him! We picked up the phones and made some calls, resulting in an interview that was not only informative but very fun to boot !

Read more

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Musical Weekend: Mellow + Hard DJ Sets

Sup all

This weekend was interesting, played 2 Dj sets one mellow the other hard.

Played a 3 hour Dj set at Garageworkswhich was cool. The artist in question was the one known as Revolution and his stuff iis awesome, he also did a live painting on glass, and launched his toy which Garageworks produced for him. Toy trivia:The hand in the toy is actually based on a picture of the artists very own hand (see learn something almost everyday !!).

I always like playing the art gallery/Garageworks se...Read more

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So its Sunday and Sky ringed up to chill but after some food, we decided to check out what Simon aka DJ La Libertine was up to at Sammis Kitchen (restaurant by day, rave hall by night) and it turns out they are having a bit of a tattoo event so Sky was like "I'm getting an alivenotdead tattoo!"

We rushed home to get a suitable example pic and something to film the tattooing  with, so I could capture the inking.

Here is the video of how it went down Video: Read more

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New Music on Profile and other sound Speak

Yay! So in between playing Resident evil 5, I got 2 new tracks I wrote and an older track I found on one of my hard drives (I have 2 drives stuffed with tracks I wrote over the years) and got em uploaded to the music player here on my profile page;

The newer tracks are

1. Nihon Schoolgirl Oozie 2. Neo-Geo (which was played Live @ the Hong Kong Twitter Festival of which I recorded an excerpt)

The older track is;

Welcome to Cybertron

On the other side of it all, I went out and ...Read more

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Photo Shoot for E.V.E.N.T.

Picture time, and this time I get to be in front of the camera for a change !

Roger and Kate asked me if I wanted to be in some pics for the E.V.E.N.T. website and since I'm somewhat of a press whore I was like "yup lets do it !" (plus they're cool guys so it was a no brainer). 

The idea was to promote artists and I had to somehow show what I do in the picture. So I decided to wear an Aiko t-shirt ( Makimi is a distributer for Aiko in Asia), while showing Counterf!t's Digidude toy, and wearing...Read more

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Photoshoot Session 9 @ CLIQ

It was Saturday once more, and time for the crew to get back to business.

This week we had the ridiculously talented Miss Yellow aka Tung Tung (Dj, Actress, Model) and that location we all know from those pimpin' aint easy sessions Club Cliq.

Tung Tung was well cool to work with and her idea of using a traditional Chinese Dress aka a Qipao (word of the week for those of you who didn't know), was quite original and combined with the headphones & twizzlers gave quite the effect of old vs new.

Read more
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