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Ron English / Garage Works DJ set + Toy

Played a 3 hour DJ set at Garage Works in the forms of electronica (ala Aphex Twin, Dan F, Orbital, Flying Lotus, Plaid etc), cut up with bits of Japanese Hip-Hop and drum n bass, as well as some records my friends and I did.

I really like playing at Garage Works because the guys who run it ( Chris and Jian) are cool and they get awesome artists in their gallery (last time Pat Lee was there and this time it was Ron English, whose art work I always liked since seeing what he did to Ronald MacDonald in " Super Size Me".

I got a super cool surprise at the end of the night when I got the last " Grin Toy" (Garage works makes the coolest Urban Vinyl, and in this case did so for a Ron English design).

Ron English signed the toy they gave me after which he wrote "The End" on the back of its head indicating that it was the last toy of the collection, and as a pop culture junkie it was a totally kick ass moment! 

The toy now rests on my desk smiling his wicked smile, until I choose to turn him around and admire the back of his head. Check out some pics :)

Cheers to Derrick and Mike for snapping the pics in the Gallery.

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oh sweet... there were about 8 left when i had to go... i should have stayed. ;-)
about 15 years ago
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Hey dude so your the guy I keep harassing to leave my bag and helmet safe during the last 2 events. Well cheers, nice to meet you and great job on generating the atmosphere with your music ;)
about 15 years ago
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Cheers dude!! This toy is awesome!! (The End)
about 15 years ago
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Thanks for helping out Arne! Let me know when your toy is ready to post!
about 15 years ago


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