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Aiko in DNM Magazine

Above: Aiko in DNM Magazine

Below: Cover of DNM Magazine

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Tokyo, Digidude & Aiko

Its been a hectic week this week been getting ready to shoot an advert, whist working on a comic book and doing some stuff for a video game with the guys at Graffiti Games which is buckets of fun and I promise will be an absolute blast when it comes out.

The game will premier at the Tokyo Game Show which is wicked because they're actually dragging me along for that one, and if there is one place I like to go every now and again its definitely Japan (especially Harajuku in Tokyo!). That coupled with the fact that as a...Read more

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Comics Commin Along

Workin on "Sushi the Robot"

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Comics, Toys and some other stuff

Stories, got lots of em, but writing scrīpts and sending em to production companies

always seems to take too long. For one I'm sick off falling into the situation of people buying em and not making a film OR running into the classic situation where you get called into some office like 7 times only to then get told "nope I don't get it" by some guy who himself usually wrote  some REALLY bad, uncreative, screenplays that failed both financially and artistically (because in the film industry you can ap...Read more

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Acting here and there

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Inast3BGa_Y Was surfing youtube and found this hihi. Something from a while back.

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Fashion, Toys, Music & and Games

Obviously I'm not that big of a blogger but I figured that right now, I'd just chuck in an entry for the heck of it.

The last few weeks have been well insane, a mix of Fashion, Vinyl toys and music have been rushing by, and there is a wicked new video game company coming around that is truly gonna be doing some wicked things in Hong Kong (and its about time that someone did so as well).

Fashion wise we just did a launch for the brand Aiko (from Milan) about 2 weeks back, which rocked, we did a pres...Read more

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The Other Asian Films

Being the Asian film fan that I am I always get disappointed when meeting other film fans whose knowledge seems to only extend to Hard Boiled, a handful of Jackie Chan films and eeeek sappy HK love stories involving some guy named Raymond who is cheating on his girlfriend with his girlfriends best friend.

Here is a list of some of those films which modern film fans should probably check out !

  1. Master of the Flying Guillotine Video: http://...Read more
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Cool Mugan

   Nothing Quite prepared me for this mugan hahaha 


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Urban Vinyl

    So for some time now I've been working with my fellow members of counterf!t on a nice bit of Urban Vinyl (which is simply a cool way of saying vinyl toy) and I'm happy to say that its all coming along nicely and will launch on the 15th of September. Spending part of my youth in Japan, and seeing all the cool stuff they come up with down there (I often drop by the toy stores when I'm in Tokyo for business) I've always wanted to create and release a toy of some sort, thankfully the current boom in Urban Vinyl, gave myself and th...Read more

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Musicians who play live electronica

    Does anyone in Hong Kong Play full on live sets with their laptops and/or synths & effect units? 

For a place where software is "readily" available and computers are considerably inexpensive it amazes me that so few go beyond the realm of cantopop and really jump into the world of home made self styled compositions. Its truly a pity. Hopefully this will change within the next few years. 

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