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So once again I'm entering something into the Blog.

I just finished doing a track for the Ghost Tunes project called "Spooky Robotics" I hope the guys who run the thing thinks its cool, I worked with a bunch of weird gear to make all sorts of noises and textures and then used a TR-808 beat under it that I made, after which I dipped it all in reverb.

Other than that a youtube upload of the commercial  that I directed for Graffiti Games was posted. The commercial was made for their up coming game and comic book. The full version has some CGI before and after it so hopefully I'll be able to upload that one some time soon. Unfortunatly for some reason this upload is a little dark but I'm sure that can be fixed. Check it out below.

The commercial was shown at the Tokyo Game Show and now will also be at TIFFCOM in Japan.

The rest of the crew were; Derrick (D.P) Simon (A.D), Mike (lead) Taku (bar tender), Nick (camera operator) and Foon (rotoscoped grafix) they were all wicked help!

The same crew is gearing up for an MV soon so I cant wait till we get that going.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoLc1bXVfZ0 Other than that I'm happy to say Counterf!t finished the Digidude Toy and it will be on the market in December, hopefully the Counterf!t t-shirt line will launch at the same time too, which would be wicked of coarse.

Talking about Wicked ! I heard they (Michael Bay) are remaking Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street, they better not mess it up! I really liked those films! Lets hope its more faithful than the transformers adaption MEGATRON IS NOT A PLANE!!! AND WHERE THE HELL WAS SOUNDWAVE?!??!

Oh well back to work.....some seeeecret work bwahahha

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Hahaha such a cool pic!! With the burger in foreground!! Awesome!!
over 14 years ago
Photo 261052
Cool stuff Uve been working on lately hehehe Cant wait to see digidude!! Remember to save one for me!! hehehe Cheers and let do this MV man!!
over 14 years ago


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