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Up Down Girl, Coca Cola and one for the haters.

Been a while since I posted a Blog but anyhow here goes.

Things have been interesting lately, our video Up Down Girl by Ghost Style and Green Robot was doing fairly well heading up to 7000 views but unfortunately someone's ego felt threatened by the video and chose to open up to 10 youtube accounts in 1 day, all within 10 minutes of each other in order to flag the video making it near impossible to see in Hong Kong and other areas, apparently this individual also sent a letter to youtube about it ...Read more

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Hey all !!

Tomorrow we launch a Song I wrote (under the name Green Robot) with my partner in crime Ghost Style. The Track is called "Up Down Girl".

I also directed, shot and edited the video.

Joe Fiorello and Spencer Douglass served as the videos producers.

I shot the video with a very specific sense towards style, which pushed the viewer into the moment. This was done with a choice use of lenses, framing, shifting the focus, and attention towards cl...Read more

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Check out the video and Song "Up Down Girl" by Ghost Style & Green Robot !!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YClz_DRPssU

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Viral Video: Self-Freezing Coke - Crazy From Kong

Whoo hoo! CrazyFromKong (which features videos by Myself, Spencer and Joe), has gone viral with our Self-Freezing Coke video

 After being up for 4 months, it gained a sudden whopping 55,000 views in 2 days !

Check it out here !

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j07SweYJTSM

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Winner 48 Hour Film Festival ! Best Film, Best Directing, Best Acting !!!

Wow what an amazing night Saturday night was ! We got to show our entry (Boxed In) at the 48 hour film festival and its was quite the event. 21 films were shown and there truly were some amazing entries that I liked (particularly the mocumentary by team "Unknown").

I was very happy that we won Best Directing, Best Acting & Best Film (meaning we will be representing Hong Kong in the Global competition^^).

We had a cool little crew of guys and I deffo wan...Read more

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Counterf!t T-shirts in Singapore Stores

Pics of Counterf!t t-shirts in HMV Singapore stores where they are going quick so get yours asap ! Thanx Jimmy for the pics ^^

Read more

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Counterf!t Clothing hits Singapore !

Counterf!t Clothing hits Singapore !Pic of 3 boxes at our office filled with Counterf!t t-shirts which were sent to HMV Singapore ! Counterf!t will be the first Street ware brand that HMV will carry ! If you live in Singapore and wanna get em, now is your chance ! (otherwise you could just head to europe but that probably would cost you a bit more lol). 

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Blog: Sunday, Aug 1

Was gonna pick up a square watermelon for a Crazyfromkong review but DAMN 1688 HKD !?!?. I understand they are imported from Japan, but again, 1688 HKD !?!?!

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Crazy From Kong

Hey everyone been a while since I did a blog entry, was working on everything from TV shows to Comic books but figured I'd show some Crazy From Kong episodes. Crazy From Kong are short, inexpensive little food reviews originally done by Spencer and Myself and now with the reoccuring presence of Joe Fiorello. Some episodes include guests as well. Here are some of my recent fav's.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j07SweYJTSM Video: Read more

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Here is some info on something new I'm working on, calledMonkey Gun

I'm purposely not going to say much about this new short film, because it would take away from it, but I can say its fun and slightly left field, plus mixes different mediums. 

It's a film that a bunch of us are doing for fun and looking forward to entering into film festivals, both in an...Read more

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