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Counterf!t Art work in 24Herbs Store !

Sup everyone Gots some counterf!t artwork and Toys in the 24Herbs Store at: G ! Mall ( 80 Conton Rd. TST) Checks out the pics below. Thanx to Ghost Style and the Rest of the 24Herbs Crew for selecting myself and the rest of Counterf!t to be the 1st to show our stuff ^^Read more

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Interview with Sky Magazine

Interview with Sky Magazine ! Yay! Read to find out amongst others who I'd like to meet most ! Sky Magazine can be found at locations such as: Dressed @ the IFCMovie Land in LKFLife Cafe Read more

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Pictures from the Counterf!t Art Show. Counterf!t are Ben Wong, Foon Wong, Jimmy Lam and Myself. The artwork will still be on display for another 4 weeks @ Philia Lounge ^^Read more

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Interview with Time Out Magazine

Interview with Time Out Magazine for Future Sound of Hong Kong which is organized by Magnetic Soul. 7 Dj's inc. myself interviewed ^^

Come down tomorrow!

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New Track On Profile: "We Are Responsible People"

Found an old track that I made with 2 friends (Jelle and Phil), for which we each programmed bar after bar after bar of beatz, mainly with the help of effects units, delays, reverbs, phasing, filters and loads of cutting and pasting. Its a pity they don't live in HK because playing this stuff live is always fun but you need 3 computers running Ableton Live to do it.

Anyway I uploaded it to my profile, the track is called "We Are Responsible People". 

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What up rockstars? Been off the grid for a while, but work and what not has been keeping me busy.

Played a Live set at M1NT a while back which was fun, was joined by trumpet player Kai and Rapper/MC Kenneth, and think we all managed to make it work, especially since it was the first time we all played together.

Got an art gallery show with the rest of Counterf!t  coming up on th...Read more

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Guess they don't make roads like they used too....

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Couterf!t, JunkFoodGirlz, & RAZK

So I've not been blogging for a while which probably means I was a bit more dead than alive (yes it's a silly pun) anyhow figured I'd just blab on about what I'm up too.

Counterf!t is gearing up to release its t-shirt line and we've got both in house designs as well as a very cool crossover with Unicorn Kid who is both a Designer and Chip Tune musician (meaning music made on hacked Gameboys, Nintendos etc giving it that very cool 8-bit sound).

Unicorn Kid has had BBC Radio 1 and XfM a...Read more

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Photoshoot Session 11 @ Cali Cali

So nearing completion of the photoshoots for the coffee table book we shot the wonderful Petra Wan at Cali Cali ! Petra was well cool to work with and we definitely speak a common language when it comes to style (Dutch), whats more she masterfully dealt with the melting food of choice which was Ice Cream !

The location was interesting as it had somewhat of an American styled interior (hence the name), and had some really nice hidden textures and lighting (and some damn groovy music to boot).

Thanx to Max and...Read more

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Counterf!ts Digidude on Play-Asia.com

Digidude is now available (as one of the first designer toys to ever do so) on  Play-Asia.com

First two people to buy it get a signed copy of the toy ^^


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