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Photoshoot Session 1 @ Crystal Bar

About a month ago I came up with a concept and decided that I had to get it made because it seemed like a good idea and quite a bit of fun, so I called up Spencer and Derrick, and before ya know it we were shooting!

It's a cool team and this was the first of many photo sessions we are going to have.

Special Thanx to our awesome model Louisa + Kiva & Mike for Hair n' Make up.

At the end we hope to publish it all in a very cool coffee table book.

These are some behind the scenes photographs.

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over 15 years ago
Jayson 93 2
Nice pics! What's the concept?
over 15 years ago
Photo 62424
It was awesome fun! Great idea Arne Venema!
about 15 years ago
Photo 261052
Great stuff!! Cant wait to see the final product!!! Sexy girls and LOTS of Junk food i herd!! Wahahahaha
about 15 years ago


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