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Counterf!t Website & T-shirts

After somewhat of a time hidden away in my secret underground layer in Sheung Wan (ok a bit dramatic but it sounds cool) I'm gonna start blogging again, So here goes the first thing.  Counterf!t has launched its website Counterfitonline.com, the site gets updated all the time, so if you wanna know more about what myself and the rest of counterf!t are up too, check it out![](/attachments/2010/04/26/05/49156_201004260546311.thumb.jpg)We've also got our t-shirts hitting...Read more

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Race Wong Fast Foward Trailer

Hey All Check out the trailer promoting the upcoming Race Wong album (which is produced by Kelvin Avon) The footage in the trailer was shot by myself and Jona which itself was selected from hours off footage which will later be converted into episodes, that will be released though various media. Episodes will feature interviews with Race, Kelvin, and apearances by individuals such as Spencer Douglass, Marsha Yuan, Candy Lo and more!Here is the trailer:Video: Read more

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Famicom !

It's amazing what kind of old school reasonably mint condition treasure  you can find in Mongkok ! The Famicom sits snugly on top of my Xbox360 with a copy of Double Dragon 2 in it. Gonna dig up all my old Famicom games to play on it ! 

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The Arrangement

Directed, Edited and did the Music for a new short film. Filming was laid back and smooth and I really enjoyed working with the team, so much so actually that we're planning a whole series of short films.  The short was shot and edited within 48 hours, for a competition in Melbourne, Australia. Simple and Fun.Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUNT9C3s9RI&feature=emailDirected by Arne Venema

Written by Nkanyezi 'Star' Mas...Read more

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JunkFoodGirlz = Soon

Soon ^^

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Crazy From Kong

Well its been a while since I wrote something on the alivenotdead, but have been busy so there ya go.  Anyhow one of my more fun little ventures has been a series of food reviews that I'm doing with Spencer Douglass under the name Crazy From Kong. In our reviews, which we post on youtube at www.youtube.com/crazyfromkong, we find some of the weirdest, coolest and most original Asian foods we can find. We add new reviews all the time so tune in !Here are some of my favorite ...Read more

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Robot Entourage's Short on youtube ^^

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48 Hour Film Project: Responsible People

This is the film I directed for the 48 hour film festival called Responsible People.  Check it out for yourself.Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZJpdA5VF5YThe film showed at the 48 hour film festival and at Clockenflap. 

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Top 10 Things I'm into


An amazing Cyberpunk Adventure originally released in the 80's written and directed by Metal Gears Hideo Kojima, this is an absolute masterpiece and I'm playing it by using crossover games on my mac (running a PC based Sega CD emulator). 

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuyUShtcn94


His stuff is always amazing but its cool to hear those older poorly recor...Read more

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Zup all

Entered the 48 hour film festival with my friends (under the name ROBOT ENTOURAGE), and had a fun time, our genre was Comedy and we shot a short film called RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE. The short is about a man (Henry Lai) who wakes up in Yumla after a wild night of partyin during Halloween. Handcuffed to a dead man in a Tiger suit (Spencer Douglass) he has to explaign himself to a hungover cop (Mike Chan) and the bar owner (Dan Findlay). Things however get complicated when they discover the dead man is al...Read more

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