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Here are some Behind the Scenes pictures of Gloria Wong modeling for a Killer KawaiiPhoto shoot.

Gloria was very cool to work with, and brought much to the role of the anime style police woman who was coming out of a massive urban battle with gangsters (some of the photos featured her dragging Joe Fiorello, via handcuffs through what will become a burning street).  

Her assigned weapon was a machine gun and I very much look forward to what the final image will look like; a mix of anime hardcore action, sexy style and good old fashion cool. It took a while to design her costume but I am happy with the results, the make up and hair are also really great ^^

Once again the Killer Kawaii coffee table book features models dressed up in the Japanese Anime style, with weapons too boot !.

After the pictures are taken they are composite into a comic book world.

Keep your eyes open for another Killer Kawaii behind the scenes update very soon !


Elden Cheung: Photographer

Mike Tam: Hair (including creating the Anime wigs)

Hiromi Naka: Make up

Spencer Douglass: Producer

Arne Venema: Concept, Creative Director, Costume Designer.

Sonya Fu will handle the Comic Book Backdrops.

Special thanx to Chris Keith for the Machine Gun ^^

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woah, scary bright red hair never looked so good!
over 13 years ago
Wooah,,,Your photo is better alot than what i got in my camera..cant wait to have all the photo....lol
over 13 years ago
Photo 49156
Me neither, its gonna look pretty cool !
over 13 years ago
Photo 505164
That was fun and it was great working with (i.e. Being handcuffed to) Gloria. Hahaha. Can't wait to see the finished pics in all their glory!
over 13 years ago
Photo 33427
Girls. Guns. I'm down for a copy. Great work!
over 13 years ago
Photo 261052
over 13 years ago
Photo 62424
We really create the best projects!
over 13 years ago
Joe must be very tired ~always keep his hands up~!!辛苦晒~~love all the photo....keke:)
over 13 years ago


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