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Some of you may know,.... one of my favorite food is MEXICAN food!  I LOVE Tacos.  Especially soft fish or chicken tacos.  I'm so happy in LA because there are some GREAT taco places!  One place I really enjoy is PINK TACOS.  Its like a HARD ROCK Cafe style taco place and I recently went there to celebrate my friends birthday.  If you're ever down in Los Angeles, go to Century City and try PINK TACO!!

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AnD 100,000 celebration and WII VIDEOS!!



Stephen and Pat battling it out on the Wii!!!

Thanks to Stephen and Pat's Wii at their place, I've been inspired to by the Wii consule myself.  It's such a fun thing to have, especially if you've got a group of people coming over to your place.  I love playing group games!!

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Just got back to LA!!

Just got back. to LA!!  I'm so jetlagged. 11 hour flight and sooo boring.  I've managed to upload a few pictures from my first two days in Tiapei for you guys. 

First day in Taiwan from Los Angeles (two weeks ago..) 

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In Taiwan now.  I'm with my mom in Tao Yuan and we are thinking of hitting up a night market tonight.  It think its the 4-0 night market.  I haven't been there for like 4 years.  I love the night market because its so Taiwan... but there are SOOOO many  people there!! I just want to try the oyster pancake before I go back.

I'm actually going to try to get on an earlier flight back to LA because I just got booked for a shoot on Monday which was my original flight to go back.  I think my agent is going to be surprised because I man...Read more

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LAST NIGHT in Hong Kong....

Last night...

Sigh....  So sad...

Going to go back to Taiwan tomorrow to meet up with my mommy.  another 4 days and I'll be back in Cali.  I need to recover from my trip Out to Hong Kong and then get ready for my new quarter at FIDM!!  I heard the weather is FANTASTIC back in So Cal and I can't wait to go RELAX at the beach and hit the gym again when I get home...

MY LAST NIGHT... I think we are hitting up LAN KWAI FONG.....


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Its my 2cnd full day in Hong Kong and I have already  met some awesome people.  I want to Thank Patrick and Stephen for being AWESOME hosts and showing me around.  I was almost going to cancel my trip because I was getting crazy bug bites in Taiwan.  I want to upload some pictures from my whole trip but I have to upload them when I get home to L.A next Monday. 

Since Pat and Stephen has to work, I've been crawling around Hong Kong's Western District and just shopping around.  It seems like everybody's always shopping in Hong Ko...Read more

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I'm Done WITH my FINALS!!! 

Went bowling today with some friends in Studio City. Haven't been bowling in awhile but it was fun!!!

My friends Kendra and Matt.  Matt is going back to the Netherlands on Saturday.  BOO!!

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OH MY GOD I'm SO BRAIN DEAD!!  I just got an 85% on my last exam which I'm kind of pissed about because i thought i knew it all!!  ONE MORE EXAM left which is sketching 12 front and back tops and bottoms of a rocker line due tomorrow at 6pm.  I need to get out otf the house or I'm going to go insane...

Anways, I can't wait until THURSDAY! ;-) 


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My last exam is actually doing some sketches of clothing.  I'm almost finished. I just have to turn it in at 6pm and talk about it. When I'm done, I'm going to take a picture of it and upload it up so you guys can give me feedback on my project for this TECHNICAL SKETCHING class.

What am I doing after my class ends? ...

 I'm going to have a DRINK!!  MUAH! 

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Last week was definitely crazy.  I worked 4 days last week and my finals are also this week so.. I've had to juggle some 14 hour days and get my studying in!  

That IMDB site I mentioned on my last blog, oh my god, it is awesome!  Its actually helped book a few more jobs coming up but now I have to go to Tawain for 2 1/2 weeks!  http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm3012916/ !!  I'm looking forward to getting more things coming up!

I also booked with Burke Williams Spa...Read more

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How do we know if we're suppose to be doing what we are doing? ...

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