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Its my 2cnd full day in Hong Kong and I have already  met some awesome people.  I want to Thank Patrick and Stephen for being AWESOME hosts and showing me around.  I was almost going to cancel my trip because I was getting crazy bug bites in Taiwan.  I want to upload some pictures from my whole trip but I have to upload them when I get home to L.A next Monday. 

Since Pat and Stephen has to work, I've been crawling around Hong Kong's Western District and just shopping around.  It seems like everybody's always shopping in Hong Kong...

I've got a map that Stephen has kindly given me and REALLY just being a tourist during the day.  Weather is not bad... just a bit humid but more bearable than Taiwan... for SURE.

Leaving in 2 days..  .. so quick....sigh...

I'll have to come back more often.  It has been 4 years since I last came back to Hong Kong. 

Now I'll have a cute Pink and Black ALIVE cap to sport around L.A and get more people to sign on.

If only they made a bikini with ALIVE not DEAD .... well....

Now that I'm in Fashion School... I COULD make my own ALIVE bikini....

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too short!
about 16 years ago
Photo 61114
I'd buy that for a dollar =)
about 16 years ago
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yeah, when r u goin to have your own fashion line =P
about 16 years ago


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