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Last week was definitely crazy.  I worked 4 days last week and my finals are also this week so.. I've had to juggle some 14 hour days and get my studying in!  

That IMDB site I mentioned on my last blog, oh my god, it is awesome!  Its actually helped book a few more jobs coming up but now I have to go to Tawain for 2 1/2 weeks!  http://pro.imdb.com/name/nm3012916/ !!  I'm looking forward to getting more things coming up!

I also booked with Burke Williams Spa last week which was pretty fun.   

Just got back from Vegas and I am SOOO tired.  It was so hot and my skin is starting to peel.  I am so not used to the HOT HOT weather but it was definitely fun to shoot two spas this past week :-)  So relaxing!

So, Last day of this quarter is on TUESDAY and I'll be heading to Taiwan THURSDAY!!  YEAH!!  I also have my Hong Kong tickets! I want to go to so many places!!!!

One last thing, does anybody know where I can get a photographer who would  take some pictures for trade? I am in need of building up my portfolio and I need some more high fashion shots.  If anybody knows of anybody in Taiwan or Hong Kong who would can do a shoot, Id appreciate it!

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I don't know of any in Hong Kong but there's a photographer in San Diego who I think would do it: She's kind of a beginner though.. http://www.alivenotdead.com/Berrylish
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