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In Taiwan now.  I'm with my mom in Tao Yuan and we are thinking of hitting up a night market tonight.  It think its the 4-0 night market.  I haven't been there for like 4 years.  I love the night market because its so Taiwan... but there are SOOOO many  people there!! I just want to try the oyster pancake before I go back.

I'm actually going to try to get on an earlier flight back to LA because I just got booked for a shoot on Monday which was my original flight to go back.  I think my agent is going to be surprised because I managed to gain about .... oh 3 kgs which is about  6.5 pds during my trip.  I think its from my first week of eating all those great foods in Taiwan and perhaps the massive amount of wine/ acohol I've consumed during my whole trip. ..and probably doing NO exercise at ALL.  I thought I was supposed to lose weight from sweating?  What happened?  Oh AND.... I GOT SUPER DARK!!!  That was probably from Vegas though..and from Taiwan because from the looks of my pictures in Hong Kong.. and being next to RAFFI... I'm super dark.

It was so awesome to meet so many talented artists from the Alive Not Dead site and I hope some of us will keep in touch.  Let's Fight ROCKED, Karoake was soo much fun, and of course Lan Kawi Fong was super  cool to hang out at. I wish I stayed another 2 days but I would of probably turned into an alcoholic.  Just kidding!   Anyways, let me know if any of you guys are going to be in Los Angeles and we can try  to meet up!  Wish there were as many events to attend to in Los Angeles...

Thanks again everybody!

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