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Holiday Parties in Los Angeles

          Sorry for the lack of entries!  I have been pretty busy preparing for 2008. :-) Last week I went to a few Holiday parties.  One of them was put together by USC called the Charles Dickens Dinner for their school of music to honor their up and coming musicians and gave three special scholarship awards to the students.  I was able to meet the greats like Lamont Dozier, USC football couch Pete Carroll, and other great USC alums.    I was invited by a good friend of mine who is the Executive Vice President for Universal Mu...Read more

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 So I caught a cold a few days ago and I'm trying to get better but my throat hurts so bad. Then I realized, hey, I can blog on Alive Not Dead!  So I thought today, I'd blog about my 10 yr. High School Reunion.  Yeah Yeah, I'm pretty old.   Anyways, it was a very interesting event to say the least.  Since I'm on a MAC, I can't post up the pictures with my blog. (I don't know how)  I'll have to wait on the pictures until I get on a PC.   My reunion is for a High School in Maryland called Thomas S...Read more

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Equinox Gym

So, I'm about to leave the office to head to the gym.  Its about 4pm here in Bev. Hills and around 70 degrees.  The gym I go to is an interesting gym.  Its the gym where many up and coming actors/ musicians/ entertainment related people go to work out.   It's in West Hollywood and its called Equinox. 

Hmm.. what do I mean when I say that?  Lets see.  Yesterday I literally walked right into Jeremy Piven of Entourage.  I was looking down when I was walking and wasn't looking so I walked right into him.  Opps.

Some regula...Read more

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