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Yes, Another quarter of FIDM is DONE!  I'm cleaning up my office now with all my projects, sketches, and magazine clippings..

Thanks for all the birthday wishes.  I don't know why but this year, I'm REALLY not looking forward to my birthday. I don't want to be any older.  I'm definitely not going to get any younger.  I remember when I was 19 years old and I couldn't WAIT to turn 21!  Now.. its just pretty sad.  ..

I wish I had San Francisco.. or Vegas.. or even a trip to Eur...Read more

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Dreaded birthdays...

Oh MY GOD... I can't believe I'm going to be ANOTHER year OLDER....


Don't feel like celebrating this year guys.....


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lack of updates!!

 I've been really busy again with exams.  It seems like just the other day I was writing about my final exams on this. This quarter went by FAST!!!

 So i'm finally done next Tuesday and I'll have a two 1/2 week break before I go back to school.  What else has been going on?  Well, I'm SAG now! After 5 months of jumping into Fashion/ Modeling/ Acting from working at Merrill Lynch, I am finally SAG eligible!!  Yeah Yeah! All that hard work of auditioning, filming, shooting, auditioning, photo shoots..have finally paid ...Read more

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Crazy friends

This summer I had several friends fly into Los Angeles to hang out.  I had a few friends fly in from Maryland, Hong Kong, New York, and San Francisco .  I like to feel my friends are silly people and its always fun to be around them and act all silly...

Here are some pictures of my silly friends! :-)

He's doing the chicken dance...<...Read more

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MID TERMS BACK and Heading to San Francisco!!

I'm so happy today!  I got my grades back yesterday and yes.. I DID manage to pull of 2 more A's on my mid terms!  Yeah!!!!! So, a 93% and a 92% !  Not a solid A, but good enough.  Now I can relax a little and focus some more time on my auditions next week!

On Thursday, I'll be flying in to San Francisco for a few days.  I'll be celebrating my boyfriends birthday there since we both came down to Los Angeles from the Bay Area.  I'm taking him for a nice weekend and I'm getting him a...Read more

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I'm so proud of MICHAEL PHELPS!!  I've been watching the Olympics with my boyfriend for the last week and its been awesome!!  Did you see the last two races he had?!  MY GOD!!!! I'm so happy for Michael Phelps.. PLUS the fact he's from MARYLAND!!  GO MARYLAND!!

And.. here are more pictures from my photo shoots last week..

GO Ahead and rate them.. since some of you already have done so...

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MID Terms!!

Just finished two mid terms today!! For the amount of studying I was able to pull out, I still managed to get a solid A on one of my tests so I'm really happy!  My second one, I won't find out until next week. .... Hoping i did well on the second.

So for this past few days, I shot some stuff for Gap International on Saturday down at San Pedro, a shoot tomorrow, a hair show on Wednesday, another exam on Thursday, two auditions on Friday, and photo shoot on Saturday.  .. I need sleep... SLEEP....

I also got some pictures bac...Read more

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So, I finished shooting Bloomberg television yesterday and I loved all the people I was working with.  I have to admit, I was pretty tired.  For the last two weeks, I've been neglecting my classes at FIDM because of all the shoots I've been put on.  It sucks because I REALLY love fashion school but my agent was like," If you want to be in this industry, you better make this your first committment."   I totally understand where he's coming from but its like,  I do like more than one thing you know.  There are soo many actor...Read more

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Woot Woot!  So , my agent called me telling me that I did something really bad.  I talked shit about a casting director that I went on an audition for.  I was like, what the hell are you talking about!?!?   He precedes to say, "JUST KIDDING!  You got booked!"

I hate him! Hahaha. So, Next week I'll be shooting for BLOOMBERG which is a Financial Market News Website and channel.  http://www.bloomberg.com/index.html?Intro=intro3 

Thi...Read more

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FIDM and the gym!

My new quarter at FIDM just started a couple weeks ago.  One of my classes is technical sketching where I learn how to sketch on the computer using Adobe acrobat.   Really cool how technology is just ruling this world and I don't  need to hand sketch my designs as much as back in the days!!   I'm taking four classes this quarter and are about 10 weeks long so my quarter ends Sept 17th!  So fast! 

Next summer, I hope to study Fashion in London, Paris, and Italy for about 8 weeks after I finish FIDM for their Study abroad prog...Read more

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