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ALIVE NOT DEAD ARTIST and MEMBER Meet Up in January!!!


You Want it, We're doing it!!


January 17th 2009.  SAVE THE DATE.  Details are still being worked out and I will announce it once they are almost/ all finalized. 

Please let me know for those that are interested so I can sort of get a estimated headcount.   And I'll leave with a little holiday video for you to enjoy

Marie Digby.  BRING ME LOVE


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AnD in LA!?!??!

Okay, I'm really sorry I haven't blogged in awhile.  I've got finals and a bunch of stuff going on I haven't had time to blog but I've tried to read many of your blogs!! And, its almost the NEW YEAR!!  Can you believe it? Time flys by so fast!! 2009!!

So this is what I'm thinking, there seems to be more and more L.A. Alive Not Dead people here so Why not do some gathering/ get together every two months?  We can start one in January to get the first one started in 2009.  I just want to see how many people are in...Read more

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My Halloween

My Halloween.. More to update later.


Then the other costume...

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Aids Walk Los Angeles

This past Sunday Vince and I went to the Aids Walk Los Angeles.   We had a great time and we both walked with my team at Rock & Republic.  We woke up at 7am in the morning so we could get some decent parking because about 30,000 people were expected to be at this event. 

Here are some  pictures:

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AnDead in Los Angeles

So 4 artists got together because Quinn came back to L.A for a couple of weeks and he invited us to have dinner with him & his dad.  (Also on AliveNDead)  It was nice to get together with everyone.   

Some pictures:

Jaime & Quinn walking

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Back in California

First week back in California after my two week "Vacation".  Started my third quarter at FIDM and it was very exciting!  I LOVE my classes t, professors seem pretty cool, and I'm taking 19 credits all in my ten week quarter so I can hurry up and finish by June '09!!  Basically cleaned out my office and sorted my closets to get ready for Fall.  Yes, I'm a clothes nerd.  I spend lots of time "organizing" my clothes. I coordinate my closet by colors and fabrics.   

I also got back into the gym after a v...Read more

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I'm in Maryland now visiting my family before classes start this Wednesday.  The weather here is very nice around 60's and I do miss all the trees that the East Coast has to offer.  The air is just so much cleaner.  Best thing is my mom's home cooked meal.  Its always so nice to see the family here and my parents are still happy and cheery.  Lots of development around the DC Metropolitan area but nothing bad.  Condo's here are getting more and more expensive reaching the 1 million dollar mark. 

I'll be taking a few pictur...Read more

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San Francisco and Vegas

Just got back from my birthday trip to San Francisco and Vegas.  I had to pack quite a bit because the weather is so different from one another.  Brought a few sweaters to one place and some t-shirts and shorts for another.  VERY different weather change. 

Saw some good friends in San Francisco so that was pretty nice.  I only have two weeks before classes start so I wanted to see my friends if I could.

In San Francisco, I was actually pretty good.  I didn't go shopping or go out much.  I met up with a friend I had...Read more

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My Interview with the International Pop Star RAIN...

I just found this.  I interviewed Rain from Speed Racer about two months ago. Very nice guy.

Enjoy.. and I'm off to San Francisco for a few days.. update more when I get back from my trip.

Let me know if any of you would like to get interviewed!

Video:http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=223704353002437345&ei=3BbYSN26J6a4qAP3j4HJAg&q...Read more

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Birthday Weekend in Los Angeles

This weekend was better than I expected.  I had thought I would stay home but instead, my friend Elaine flew down from San Francisco to celebrate my birthday this year with me.  Some ofther friends of mine also came out and we ended up going to Buca for my birthday dinner! I'm so grateful to meet and surround myself with good friends in Los Angeles.  Sometimes, it's really hard to meet good people here but I'm glad I found a few close friends to celebrate my birthday with..

So for the weekend..we chilled by...Read more

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