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Some of you may know,.... one of my favorite food is MEXICAN food!  I LOVE Tacos.  Especially soft fish or chicken tacos.  I'm so happy in LA because there are some GREAT taco places!  One place I really enjoy is PINK TACOS.  Its like a HARD ROCK Cafe style taco place and I recently went there to celebrate my friends birthday.  If you're ever down in Los Angeles, go to Century City and try PINK TACO!!

Fine Tequila Bar

Bartenders in cute pink Pink Taco tank tops!

Yummy Margaritas!

Happy Birthday D!

Another place to try is at the Farmers Market at the Grove.  There is a little shop there that sells mini tacos in 9 different flavors.  Or was that 12?  They also have REALLY good Quesidillas.  YUMMY!  Too bad they don't have margaritas there. But. there is wine. :-) I always bring a friend.  Don't like enjoying food on my own.

Yeah Mexican food.  I'm always down for some Mexican!


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i like Pink Tacos...
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wow thats a crazy name lol
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