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When we had a date night....

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The ghost of Hailey is back! #funnyfaces #littlegirls #crazykid #funkids #makingfaces

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Those cheeks. #mommylife #mybabygirl #loveher #vegasbaby

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My Sunday with the baby. Wee!!!! No need to go out anymore. All the fun is right here at home!

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My attempt to feed her more today to sleep better at night. Hearty Meal #1 at 8:20. Teething biscuit and 1 jar of orange/banana purée

And she likes to play footsie

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Any suggestions to get my baby to sleep longer in the morning? Kirin is up at 5:30-5:45am all the time. Doesn't matter when she goes to bed.

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Dress rehearsal as a Blueberry in Peter Rabbit

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My two favorite girls!

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New chair area for Hailey.

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