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MID Terms!!

Just finished two mid terms today!! For the amount of studying I was able to pull out, I still managed to get a solid A on one of my tests so I'm really happy!  My second one, I won't find out until next week. .... Hoping i did well on the second.

So for this past few days, I shot some stuff for Gap International on Saturday down at San Pedro, a shoot tomorrow, a hair show on Wednesday, another exam on Thursday, two auditions on Friday, and photo shoot on Saturday.  .. I need sleep... SLEEP....

I also got some pictures back from a small photo shoot I did.  I was going for a more commercial feel. 

Check out me being a teacher:


Me being a tennis player... AN AWESOME tennis player

Cocktail dress:

And just me


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Photo 37580
Dang sounds exhausting...buuuut congrats on being busy with work and still managing to pull of and A.
over 15 years ago
nice ...
over 15 years ago
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just me is best!
over 15 years ago
Photo 38281
Hey congrats! now its freetime? =P well pictures are looking good.
over 15 years ago
Photo 37580
Hey cocktail dress is new. Well if they're rating your pictures I think the second tennis one is my favorite, I just like that picture overall better than the rest, the rest are pretty good too though.
over 15 years ago


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