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lack of updates!!

 I've been really busy again with exams.  It seems like just the other day I was writing about my final exams on this. This quarter went by FAST!!!

 So i'm finally done next Tuesday and I'll have a two 1/2 week break before I go back to school.  What else has been going on?  Well, I'm SAG now! After 5 months of jumping into Fashion/ Modeling/ Acting from working at Merrill Lynch, I am finally SAG eligible!!  Yeah Yeah! All that hard work of auditioning, filming, shooting, auditioning, photo shoots..have finally paid off!  Now I have to go pay the darn membership fee of $2300 or something like that. That's right. $2300!!! It's like a CULT!! Just kidding. So since I'm now SAG eligible, I think I'm going to cut back on all the auditioning and activities.  Lets see what happens now that I'm SAG.. Maybe good... maybe not.. We'll find out. 

 I've just been rediculously busy that I've gotten sick AGAIN.  Within 10  weeks, i've managed to catch the flu twice. 

What's coming up for me?  A few things.  I've got about 3 more auditions coming up this weekend.  I might be starting another job in Finance at Wells Fargo for their Private Banking group in 3 weeks. I haven't decided but the money is good while I'm still in school.  Also, I hope to head back to Taiwan/ Hong Kong again before the end of the year (Maybe December).  In November, I'll be preparing for THE REEF CHECK Event which should be AWESOME!   I'm also planning on going to Europe with my school next April so I need to start saving some money! ( London, Paris, & Florence! ) I can't wait! So,... I wil be super busy until I starting October having a job, going to school, squeezing in some auditions, and stuff..

 I can't wait till 2009 for me!

Some pictures from this past week shooting for the VMA's at Paramount Studios.

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Sounds exciting and busy for you. Good luck heh. Congrats on the big SAG cult acceptance heh.
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