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FIDM and the gym!

My new quarter at FIDM just started a couple weeks ago.  One of my classes is technical sketching where I learn how to sketch on the computer using Adobe acrobat.   Really cool how technology is just ruling this world and I don't  need to hand sketch my designs as much as back in the days!!   I'm taking four classes this quarter and are about 10 weeks long so my quarter ends Sept 17th!  So fast! 

Next summer, I hope to study Fashion in London, Paris, and Italy for about 8 weeks after I finish FIDM for their Study abroad program.  I'm so excited about it already!!

Also, I finally got my boyfriend to join my gym, EQUINOX!!  I have been trying to get him to join for so long and he's finally signed up this weekend!  YEAH YEAH!!  Now I can finally go with someone instead of always going by myself.  Maybe I'll post a before and after picture of him like they have on those commercials for diet programs.  Hahaha!!  It'll be cute but I think he'll get mad at me. :-P   I'm going to try and get him to take some YOGA classes to improve his stretching ability.  If any of you guys have done or tried Yoga, that stuff aint easy!!  Here is the link to our gym.. http://www.equinoxfitness.com/

On a sad note, my agent left my talent agency the week after I got back from Asia... I think he left the industry so now I'm deciding whether to stay with my agency or to join another agency...  I have to meet with them tomorrow....  Maybe its an opportunity to explore other options.. ...

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