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MID TERMS BACK and Heading to San Francisco!!

I'm so happy today!  I got my grades back yesterday and yes.. I DID manage to pull of 2 more A's on my mid terms!  Yeah!!!!! So, a 93% and a 92% !  Not a solid A, but good enough.  Now I can relax a little and focus some more time on my auditions next week!

On Thursday, I'll be flying in to San Francisco for a few days.  I'll be celebrating my boyfriends birthday there since we both came down to Los Angeles from the Bay Area.  I'm taking him for a nice weekend and I'm getting him a half day Spa treatment at a Spa Called Burke Williams which I also happen to have modeled for recently.  If you guys book online after November, you'll probably see my face on their website. :-) www.burkewilliamsspa.com

I'm looking forward to walking around the piers, North Beach, Marina, and of course Chinatown!  My old stomping grounds!  I am also try to pull together a photo shoot up there for Friday if I can find a good photographer in time!  We're also staying at the same hotel where I used to stay when I competed for Miss Chinatown.  How funny is that?

Anyways, thanks for all those that rated the pictures from my last email.  I appreciate the kind feedbacks. What I would LOVE to do now is find a photographer who can do a sexy jeans ad shoot for me.  That would be cool. 

Hmm.. Some pictures from last weeks hair show ... I don't like the curls too much..

and going out with Shan.. first the nice Valet guy that wanted to take a picture with me.LOL..

And at the bar with Shan.  I was not prepared for the picture...

Miss You.. What a night.... Until next time in Hong Kong!



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When did you compete in Miss Chinatown? An old friend of mine won hmm prolly somewhere around 02-04ish time frame. Congrats on your A's that's really good. Guess all that studying paid off hehe.
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Mark moran in spokane 920x920
ah .. now we know what she's been doing this whole time ...
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How do we know if we're suppose to be doing what we are doing? ...

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