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A friend in town over the weekend..

A good friend of mine from Taipei dropped by Singapore over the weekend, so i decided to take some time off to show him around. I was a tour guide for 3 days wahahaha..

Things not to miss: Universal Studios, Casinos, Shopping, JJ's concert, and food!!! I can't believe how much food i ate over the weekend. We ate practically all that's out there, been to so many places in such a short space of time. It's crazy! but fun ! thanks to my wife who was helping ...Read more

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Very sick few days...

the past few days has been really irritating...  because i'm feeling really lousy everyday... argh!~!~!  coughing so badly, blocked nose, sore throat, everything is just coming at the same time... gosh!!!

really hope i can recover soon... damn it!!!

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Our dog Tuffy's report from school

We sent our dog Tuffy (a golden retriever) to a dog school for activites like swimming, running, playing with other dogs, interaction, training, etc. We bring him there twice a week and he simply loves school. Usually the handlers in charge will write a brief report of what our dogs did in school today. Although this has been going on for quite some time, this report from the handler today made me burst out laughing... even my wife burst out laughing...

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Happy Chinese New Year & new resolutions

my apologies to everyone here, especially Patrick. It's been more than 7 months since i posted anything here. i'm just not disciplined enough to blog about anything but this shall be my new resolution to blog every week at least!! i shall be disciplined to do it!!! apologies to all my friends here who have been asking about my absence..

happy chinese new year to everyone! happy new year Patrick! i hope everyone has a great new year over the weekend and it must really feel sucky to get back to work...Read more

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Ponggol Nasi Lemak

Had a very sinful dinner cum supper last night at this famous Nasi Lemak stall in Singapore, at the Hougang area. It's the original Ponggol Nasi Lemak and trust me, the queue is really freaking long!!

(can anyone teach me how i can tilt this photo clockwise? always can't seem to do it. thanks!)

Look at the crazy queue. This was at 1030pm on a Monday night~! I've realised ov...Read more

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Recently me and my wife has been wanting to learn bike all of a sudden.. maybe because due to our busy schedule and constant waiting in all the bad traffic conditions on the roads in singapore, so we had this thought of learning to ride a bike together haha.. 

i used to ride one of these in taiwan

but i have always place no trust in the protec...Read more

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Was involved in some way during the recent FIR Concert, all thanks to Kenn =) thank u for giving me this opportunity to work with u and so many wonderful people. I've learned a lot and will work hard 

Faye, Real and Ian are such nice people, very humble totally enjoyed working with them..

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SMUDGE Store Opening

Just came back from Sheng Siong Show on channel 8. It's so fast, already the 11th episode on the show and the singing competition is ending soon =) i bet it's a good experience for all the kids & teenagers involved. I totally enjoyed myself every week doing the judging and wanna thank my pal Dasmond and the Sheng Siong crew for making the work always so fun  the last show will be on the 8th August (1 day before Singapore National Day).

Recently attended my best pal JJ's...Read more

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OMG this is so funny!!! thumbs up to them man!!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDupDDlpsdU haha mr brown rocks man!! haha.. this is so funny... certainly brighten up my day...

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Thanks Ying Ming for the article.. which explains my long absence..

Wanna thank Ying Min from SPH 晚報 for writing this article. Thank u so much and i'm very happy going through the interview. It was like a 'opening up' session after keeping a low profile even among my friends. I'm glad i made the right decision and wanna sincerely thank all my friends in Ocean Butterflies who has helped me so much...Read more

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