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Recently me and my wife has been wanting to learn bike all of a sudden.. maybe because due to our busy schedule and constant waiting in all the bad traffic conditions on the roads in singapore, so we had this thought of learning to ride a bike together haha.. 

i used to ride one of these in taiwan

but i have always place no trust in the protection of singapore roads for bikers. in taiwan, there r always designated lanes for bikers. bikers have some protection and priority. but in singapore, u r on your own against the 'beasts' on the roads. IF we do learn, i think we will be getting a vespa for sure haha.. she has this dream of wanting to ride a vespa with those cute cute colors and pictures on the vespa.. (which makes me unable to ride the bike!!! if she didn't realise....)

anyway i do really like these easy to ride auto scooters from vespa.. elegant.. maybe we should go learn soon

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cool good luck i like the black one : )
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the bikes was cool .. all the best in learning .. :) tc, :D
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Photo 217949
In India, one of my relatives owned a scooter it's a lot of fun...but i agree with you about the Traffic situation...esp in India..it's is CRAZY!
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