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Brickade team!

My friends surprised me in office today by giving me this!

haha it's the friends whom i told u guys about, who created Brickade. She told me it's a gift because there's a lot of web traffic after i posted the links to their site on my blog! haha.... thanks everyone! it  must be a lot of you who went to visit their site and bought so...Read more

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Media coverage of our wedding

Here's some scans of the various media coverage of our wedding so far. I don't think i missed any haha... Thanks so much to all our media friends who has always been blessing us and wishing us well. We are very lucky to have u all standing by us all these while. Thanks also for all the help, love and wishes people Although preparations for a wedding can be the toughest thing u can face ever but for the desire to make everything happen on that very important day with your most...Read more

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張婧JZ Girl - watch out for this new sensation

我們海蝶家族的新人張婧終于發片了!替他感到開心 專輯名稱《一直走》。真的很榮幸去年她來新加坡受訓時,我們有很多合作和交流的機會,他真的很有才華。他等待已久的首張專輯終于出爐了!恭喜!我也很榮幸可以和劍泓老師一起參與制作其中一首歌‘敢愛敢放’,也認識了音樂界編曲大師 Kenn C. 大家可以上 KKbox 聽她的新專輯。大家要支持ok~!


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An ex-colleague of mine has just started her own business, very happy for her. She's a wonderful friend who helped me a lot while she was still working with us. She started a very interesting and unique online business. U guys can take a look.


Their facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Singapore/Brickade/176112011528

If u like the stuff, buy it man! <...Read more

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Reason to blog...

I'm actually blogging now!! haha... ok i'm screwed but serious because i just went to see a doc just now, gave me 2 days MC, but.., watever, i still have to be at work no matter wat. If i don't appear, things still need to be done at the end of the day cos i'm the only person doing it!!!! 

anyway time to go to bed... my cousin was so nice to record me and Candyce's interview on 早安你好 and posted it on facebook. good quality recording! i know i was still in my sleeping mo...Read more

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Tuffy is 3 years old!

Just celebrated Tuffy's 3 years old birthday. He was born on 1st November 2009. Time really flies and he's really a huge big boy now, but still a little rascal in him haha... Celebrated his birthday with Candyce and my family too. Went to buy a cake for him, and some snacks n treats. He was really happy with all the attention  some pictures to share:

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郭靜 Claire - 明白

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrDxXDD0WXg 好朋友王雅君的作品,之前郭靜最新專輯收入的一首歌。請多支持! 也留意張韶涵新專輯的《偶爾》。

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M.I.A (missing in action)

It's almost a month since i'm here, so sorry!!!  (to yiping: i've not forgotten my homie site here, will never do so~!  ) I have been caught up in the studio days and nights non-stop for almost a month, and i lost weight!  that's good news for me haha... since my wedding is getting ever closer. i didn't do anything on purpose, really! but i just stick to a very strict and healthy ...Read more

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Crazy stuff by 7 guys

i'm still in my office doing arrangement, saw something online which inspired me. crazy beatbox stuff by 7 guys, all by the voice of men. enjoy!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5MkNOXSdkA

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Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ysqh1uzqGrc

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