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Another crazy week...

This week was hell!! 

Had 2 long days of meetings, so tiring and bored at times... argh!~!~ anyway i'm glad it's over and i can start to plan some stuff of my own. Just wrote a new song yesterday, yay! quite happy with the song, just hope it gets sold to some big artistes, fingers crossed!!! =x

Saw a huge moth at international plaza while having lunch the other day. It's huge right! Read more

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Big Bang : Haru Haru

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzCbEdtNbJ0 A nice song from Big Bang of South Korea! Nice song recommended from my sister =) Hope everyone likes it!

Anyway, hope the whole world gives the bloody North Korean government a real "BIG BANG" to their heads man. They deserved to be shot for all the crimes they've done man. What stupid nuclear tests they are doing today. Hope they bomb the shit out of themselves while testing those missiles <...Read more

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Freak accident... my camera R.I.P

Haiz... Was so careless and forgetful yesterday. I left my digi cam in my berms and put it into the washing machine. When i opened the washing machine i then realised i've washed my digi cam as well...  damn! there goes my digi cam...

but well, it has followed me for some time, been through quite an exciting journey of my life with me, so pls do R.I.P i don't have the time to take pictures of my 'washed' digi ca...Read more

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Compass Dinner Awards 2009 - Tribute to Sunkist Ng








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French Rap : The cool new wave...

A friend of mine just introduced these 2 songs to me. They're very nice and cool and definitely some new inspiration for me  I've heard about this french artiste/rapper Diam few years back but have lost track of her. She's good. Check out more of her songs guys 

Will post some pictures of the performance i just had on Sunday when i have the time.

Take care everyone!

Video: Read more

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現在正要離開公司,好累哦。希望大家的周末會很愉快。最近剛從北京回來,可是沒時間和大家聊或分享北京的經驗。感覺就是北京是一個超級無敵大的城市!有很多好吃的餐廳 我也很幸運有蠻多同事和朋友在哪,所以除了工作以外,還玩的不錯。只是有一點覺得北京不是很好的地方,就是空氣!永遠看不到藍天,因為空氣污染,好可惜。。。真的可惜。。。可是到了長城那里空氣就非常好,風景也很漂亮。爬長城真的是大開眼界!簡直太壯觀了,傻眼!



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yoyo! 大家還好嗎?

我終于回來了!有很多照片想和大家分享。回來就有很多工作要處理,所以希望有時間慢慢上載給大家看。謝謝一直不斷在這留言的朋友 希望你們都很好ok!

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我覺得韓國拍的版本是所有版本當中最好的版本。演員都選的很好,帥,有魅力,超會放電的哈哈。。。我覺得韓文版的F4真的是最帥的一組。=)我很喜歡偶像劇中的一首慢歌,很好聽,聽了蠻感人的。就是這首 =)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hn3ihNwkB7g 明天要去北京幾天,身體還不是很舒服,周末又病倒了。希望我過海關時不會被他們扣留哈哈。。。幸好沒發燒,只是感冒和咳嗽,要不然,咳。。。。


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Nissan Skyline S1 GTR

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXBhB-MOPNU Finally got the video uploaded!

This is one of me and JJ's friend from Melbourne who drove us all the way up to the hill to catch a glimpse of the city view. Wonderful car and driving haha... =p

Well done Han!

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