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Our dog Tuffy's report from school

We sent our dog Tuffy (a golden retriever) to a dog school for activites like swimming, running, playing with other dogs, interaction, training, etc. We bring him there twice a week and he simply loves school. Usually the handlers in charge will write a brief report of what our dogs did in school today. Although this has been going on for quite some time, this report from the handler today made me burst out laughing... even my wife burst out laughing...

as u can see it's quite a long report for today.. the top parts r usual, he's playing with some dogs, blah blah blah... the last line is the 'killer' punch line.. they actually said he has an HOURGLASS figure underneath his thick fur!!!! hahaha...

well, he used to be a very fat dog so it's kind of funny to hear this... but, it's good that he's slim now! no weight issues... which is very important for big dogs.

this is the dog school website btw : http://www.k9kulture.com/

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
haha, my brother has a dog that he also sends to "camp" when he has to go away for a while. they also have reports like this. pretty cool...
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Photo 283076
haha it seems there's a lot of such dog "camps" around these days n they r doing pretty well.. very effective for obese dogs!
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October 18, 2008