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Happy Chinese New Year & new resolutions

my apologies to everyone here, especially Patrick. It's been more than 7 months since i posted anything here. i'm just not disciplined enough to blog about anything but this shall be my new resolution to blog every week at least!! i shall be disciplined to do it!!! apologies to all my friends here who have been asking about my absence..

happy chinese new year to everyone! happy new year Patrick! i hope everyone has a great new year over the weekend and it must really feel sucky to get back to work or school today on a monday.. i hope u guys had lots of fun, food, laughter over the new year.. i had lots of fun too, been to many visitings and ate so so much!! JJ's place was fun. we had lots of friends, food, basketball.. then a late gathering at night during supper to relive some old times.. Stefanie's place was great too with the food & bbq, friends, etc.. Her family was so friendly and nice to all of us.. Went to an ex-colleague's place to catch up with some old friends.. did some rather stupid but fun thing, climbing that 'tall thing' (don't know how to describe it)..

Happy new year to all!! back to work again...

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
thanks!! glad to hear it. happy new year to you, too! =D
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我喜欢你和 JJ的友情。更喜欢你和老婆的长长久久爱情。希望每个人像你们一样。看到你们充满朝气。我也感觉我自己不老了。
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