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Haha me and candyce just reached bali today! wonderful place! love the culture, heritage, people, food, and the fantastic villa we're staying in. Had a butler helping us out full day 24hours as well which makes things even more convenient    I've put up some pictures for today. We were too tired and had a bad hangover from last night's drinking with all the friends and family members at our place haha.. Just slept and relax, take a short swim at our own private pool. Our butler brought us out to t...Read more

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Living in bliss

very nice to see everyone here again. thanks for your comments and wishes on my previous post. one of the greatest and best thing that ever happened to me throughout this wedding (besides spending the rest of my life with candyce) was the fact that i've finally gotten to know the real personality of each and every friend that i know. I finally got to know the REAL them during this wedding preparations. U know the feeling that some friends u thought were really close and always there for u but in fact they r not, and some friends you'v...Read more

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I'm back! Chinese new year is coming too! =)


So sorry guys.. it's been real long i've come back here to post my entries. Wedding is finally over and i'm enjoying every single bit of married life haha.. and i just wanna thank everyone for all your wishes, blessings, love and help u've given us all these while and all these years. I'm just so touched by all that has happened, family and friends, the brothers, JJ, Ah Du, Yuzhong, Addy, Dasmond, Shaun, Shinan, Hui Shi, Cruz, Cho...Read more

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Merry Christmas!!

Hey everyone! It's christmas! =)

Sorry for not updating for the longest time. Wedding is just a month away and we are very much busy preparing the wedding every single day. So fast and it's already christmas, new year next. 2009 just passed so fast. Let's hope for a better 2010

Here wishing everyone a very blessed christmas with your loved ones where u r, i'm sure all of u will have a better year coming for u too. Merry Xmas! Ho Ho Ho... Read more

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新動網:thanks Sharon!



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Brickade Xmas 09

My friends from Brickade are having some new stuff for Xmas!  check them out if u like them, thanks for the support people! 


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晚報報道 2009-12-01

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《Trees and Trunks》by Clive

I think a lot of times in life we usually have to go through a lot of ups and downs to finally realise who are the ones who are our true friends and soul mates, who always never fail to stand by us, who always remember us in their hearts, who always sincerely wish us and help us attain our very best.

Like i mentioned before, through this wedding, i'm very touched to know that friends i knew back in my army days, whom i spend the 2.5 years of my life with, still remembers me, still a true friend till today. Even though ...Read more

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Taiwan photo shoot!

Just came back from taiwan a few days back from the rain and cold. Enjoyed the cold very much, but not the wet rain though haha.. I was there for 10days of work, then candyce joined me for the last 3 days for our wedding photoshoot there. Wanted to go to a few places for our shoot but ended up in rain, which was especially tough for candyce as she has to brave the cold n rain, 老婆辛苦了!委屈你了!

You can see from the pictures how foggy it was. I think it was less than 10 degrees when we were hi...Read more

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  但是...Read more

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October 18, 2008