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Sorry for the long absence...

Sorry for the long absence from this blog.. updating this blog has always been at the back of my mind everytime but i just didn't have the right time, space, and mind to update it everytime. So sorry to everyone who still comes here often and being disappointed..

The past few months has been a huge transition in my life. Lots of things are changing, work, music, friends, etc.. I have so much to share with everyone. This transition has been a test of my character and perseverance but i'm glad to not only go throug...Read more

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Went for operation today..

Went for an operation this morning on my right hand. It's for my right thumb, 'trigger thumb' problem.. apparently it's been with me for a few years already until recently i couldn't take the pain after playing the piano for too long so decided to see an orthopaedic surgeon for it. Operation was over in half hours time. Right hand is immobilised now but should be back to normal in 3 weeks, can't wait   my wife Candyce was with me today. she took leave, so touched.....Read more

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JJ Party 2010-03-28!

Had a very tiring weekend but a very memorable and splendid one..  reunion on stage and performed with my buddy JJ during his showcase at SCAPE yesterday. I was really very nervous because i've not performed for so long and the whole stage and place just suddenly feels so serene to me..  but i'm glad i pulled through it and hope i didn't do that badly! i think we feel kind of awkward on stage...Read more

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SCAPE Performance

It's been quite a while since i updated, been busy with a few routines and shows other the past weekends. Finally sorted out the pictures to share with u guys  Did a show last weekend along Orchard Road with students from my record company's music school, Music Forest 海蝶音樂森林. They were superb! so were the rest of the students from the other music schools who took part in it. Haven't performed for such a long time after moving into background work but though it feels kind of nervous, it...Read more

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My PS3!

I finally got my hands on PS3! My wife Candyce bought it for me yesterday, she's so sweet..  I've always wanted to get my hands on a PS3 but contemplated for very long because i'm always not home due to work so i never thought about getting it. As i was very enthusiastic about playing FIFA10, candyce bought it for me immediately when i mentioned i want to play FIFA10 haha..  thanks dear! I've always loved soccer games, big fan of them, and moreov...Read more

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Me and Dasmond at Sheng Siong Show

Was a judge at the Sheng Siong show last saturday. 1st time being a judge on tv, kind of nervous and lost for words when being asked for comments but glad everything was so fast   i'm very happy to have catch up more with some old friends. good to see jeff wang after so long. the last time i saw him was on taiwan tv. he was acting as a doctor in a local big hit drama. he slimmed down so much and seem so much happier back home spending all the time with his family in taiwan. Ve...Read more

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Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SULiy0Pa0lo 大哥阿杜終於在今天發了他的最新專輯,真的為他感到非常開心,心裡充滿喜悅。我一向認為阿杜是我們華人樂壇一位非常獨特,你永遠不會找到另外一個和他一模一樣的歌手,歌聲,善良誠懇的個性。我相信他的聲音和人一定會永遠繼續流傳下去,可能以後我孩子都還會聽他的歌哈哈。。今天真的是值得開心的一天!


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We Are The World... There's only 1 world...

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Glny4jSciVI&feature=fvst This is definitely one of the greatest and most meaningful song of all time. Haven't heard it for so long since i was young and i'm very inspired to hear this song again, with new voices, new inputs from new artistes. It brings a totally new touch to the song. All these just shows how legendary and everlasting this song is, that it withstood the ti...Read more

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