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昨天在老同學的婚禮上碰到了一些音樂好友,也是我很敬佩的音樂人。新加坡就是這么小!大家彼此似乎都有相同的朋友。我們平時工作都很忙,很少私底下聊私人的事情。昨天一位著名‘C先生’編曲人告訴我他當年多辛苦,委屈,花了多少精力,時間,努力才能達到今天的成就。不管接手的編曲案子有付費或免費,他都做,就是抱著一個夢想,希望有一天會有人欣賞他的作品。我們聊了蠻久后,突然有一股新的力量,要繼續往前沖!沖啊!!!  哈哈。。其實我現在經...Read more

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Wedding preparations... Ideals... Dreams...

hello guys, sorry haven't been back here blogging for a long long long time....  i've been drained out man! i've got so many songs on hand to do music arrangement, teaching and guiding my writers, write songs, etc. maybe in time to come it should be start something on my own outside of music to balance my life a bit  , something totally different from music and allows me to get out of it and back in refreshed total...Read more

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ORPHAN... a must watch!

I just went to see this amazing movie called 'ORPHAN' yesterday, everyone should watch it. Though it's labeled a horror film but it's more of a suspense/thriller film, nonetheless still scary haha.. wonderful plot, great twist, u guys must watch it!  let me know how u guys feel after watching it haha...

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8OjaV3gyOI

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Birthday with my friends...

Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes =) very touched... but feel so old at the same time haha... i think when it reaches my age, i guess birthdays are kind of scary as it adds on to your age haha.. but i always cherish birthdays because i have lots of fun with my friends 

my gaming pals and greatest bunch of friends celebrated my birthday 2 days back. JJ is not around in singapore and my girlfriend was working, sad, but we had lots of fun. they bought a shoe for me (haha new...Read more

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Happy National Day!

Happy National Day!

Anyway, did some shopping recently. Got myself a new pair of Vans! Latest in town from LEFTFOOT. The LEFTFOOT guys are great, Anthony, Kevin. They are always so friendly whenever we go down to the store. I don't go down that often as compared to my pals Eric and JJ but they are always still so friendly. Pictures of the shoe:

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A tough week...

It's been a really tough week after i got back from taipei. Lots of work were left hanging around in office while i was away and once i got back, everything has to be running at the same time to meet the deadlines, argh! Sometimes i wonder when musicians like us are always so busy and tight with our schedule, but yet the industry is always declining and shrinking. What's wrong man?   Are our efforts and sacrifices not producing enough inflow of income back into the record companies pockets? ...Read more

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最近到了臺北出差,每次一定會和我最感激不盡,最善良的兄弟國安哥~!哈哈。。。這次他就帶我到陽明山喝茶聊天,然后開車上到全臺北最高點,大屯山!我們聊了很多,感謝你每一次我到臺北時你都很好的招待和照顧我。大家在我的相撲里會看到國安哥的照片哈哈。。 還有他那臺Honda CRV。我拍的video不是很好,相機還不夠好,沒打燈  希望大家還看得清楚。風太大了,很吵!!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1V4gRefFKHw

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[if !mso]> <![endif][if gte mso 9]> Normal/w:View 0/w:Zoom false/w:SaveIfXMLInval...Read more

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王建復夢途歌友簽唱會 Jeff Wang Autograph Session


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Haha didn't know the news was out on newspaper last sunday until when i stepped into office yesterday, all my colleagues started asking me and talked about it  We have to thank Yvonne for helping us out on this, thanks my friend/boss! haha.. and also the reporter, who was the one who covered us many years back in I-weekly. Thanks Yan Ling! your graffitti artwork on your car looks very good, i'm tempted to have mine done too  here's a recent pic of...Read more

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October 18, 2008