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Love of My Life

There she is, folks.  My Mommy, Candy:「僕の大切な人」 ほら、僕のママ、キャンディです。

  I haven't seen her in a year and 2 months.  She was in L.A. chillin' with my sisters and Grandma for 6 months.  When she returned to Taiwan, she wanted to come visit me, but I refused due to an injury I got while shooting Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon. I had to go thru 7 surgeries.  Now, if she knew I was hurt, she'd go nuts and fly to H.K. and beat asses...including mine.  So...I just told her I was busy and it wasn't a good time for her to come visit.  The surgeries took almost a year.  That's why we haven't seen each other for so long.  Once she saw me...the bitchin' began .   I think my ears were about to bleed.  I needed to find a way to calm her ass down fast. So.......

  BAM!!  Took her ass to Macau this past weekend.  It was her 1st time there, so she was havin' a blast.  Totally forgot about my scar.  YAY ! Both of us don't gamble, so we just ate and kicked it at Wynn for 3 days and 2 nights.

彼女とは1年と2ヶ月会ってなかった。彼女はLAのおばあちゃんと妹のとこに6ヶ月いた。台湾に戻ってきたとき、僕のとこに着たがってたんだけどちょうど 三国之見龍卸甲の撮影中だったので断らざるを得なかったんだ。

僕は7つも手術をこなさなきゃならなかった。いまもし彼女が僕の怪我のことを知ったならおかしくなって、HKに飛んできてお尻をぶっただろうね(僕のも含めて)。だから・・・忙しいからきても一緒にすごせないよって言ってたんだ。 手術にはほぼ1年ほどかかった。そんなわけで僕らは長いこと会っていなかったんだ。ひとたび僕を見ると・・・ガミガミが始まった。耳から出血しそうだよ。彼女を静かにさせる必要があったので、・・・・

BAM! 先週末、マカオに連れて行った。彼女ははじめてだったのでとっても喜んでくれたよ。 僕の傷跡のことはすっかり忘れてた!イエ~ィ! 僕らは二人ともギャンブルはしないので2泊3日をひたすら食べてWynnホテルでくつろいですごした。

.....and of course...I was the camera boy.  As usual.  However, I don't own a camera...so I had to use my POS cell phone to take the pictures.... I was forced to do so. Forced, I tell you!

Here goes:

・・・それから もちろん・・僕はカメラ小僧だった。いつもは。けれど、カメラをもってないんだ・・・・だから写真撮るのにはPOS携帯電話を使わなくちゃいけない・・・そうするしかなかった。仕方なく、だよ! いくよ:

S o cute.  カワイイ。


Black Mask's Mom. IMO.  黒マスクのママ。僕的に。








Yes. Forced.



I would've got my ass kicked to well-done if I didn't take this one.


She got wet and ran away.  Oh boy was I gigglin'... 濡れたので逃げちゃった。やれやれ・・ぐふふ・・・


Hello~ Monica!  Almost forgot who the lady in black was....until I got smacked.  She made me take another one..... ハロ~モニカ!黒い服の女性のことをすっかり忘れてた・・・・音がするまで。 彼女がもう一枚撮れって・・・・


Hello~ Boobelluci  !  (Smack!!)

After being smacked and bitched around all day, I finally had some alone-time:

ハロ~、オッパイールッチ !(チュ!!)


My own room .



 とっても・・ キモチいい~

( Terry! Guess what's playin'?)



My toes told me to go raid the fridge....

  僕のつま先が 冷蔵庫へ行ってくれって言うんだ・・・

....so I did.    (Van. Ya feelin' this?)


A can of coke, pack of smokes, and my badass laptop.  Spanktabulous.


It's a hotel room.  I'll be messy if I want to. 


God I miss that bathroom......


Eat. Feel. Wynn.  That's all I neez.....



..and of course...The Love of My Life .



Until next time....


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your mom is lovely, and the only reason she nags you is because she loves you and cares about you a lot : ) anyways, when you taking Van and I to Macau? ; )
over 14 years ago
sweet! : ) smile! so long we have beautiful memories..
over 14 years ago
45862083 0af2fd4d5d
"Spanktabulous"?!? :-O keep that shit to yourself man (like Phil does...)
over 14 years ago
Johnnylu f9 johnnylu
is that mei mei sitting next to your mom?
over 14 years ago
You are and always will be your Mummy's boy !! What a happy moment !!!!! =)
over 14 years ago
Photo 78945
Nice view brother !!
over 14 years ago
Johnnylu f9 johnnylu
I can recognize that !@#$%^ face in my sleep. I mean nightmares.
over 14 years ago
Looked like fun, wish I could've been there for some smackin of my own~! All day everyday room service holiday!!!
over 14 years ago
Photo 73131
Seven surgeries. That's a pain.
over 14 years ago
Photo 33405
Aww that's sweet. You and your mom seem to have a great relationship... despite all the smacking around. ;)
over 14 years ago


Really wish I could do this when it comes to traffic.

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