The Venetian Macao Gondola 澳門威尼斯人貢多拉船

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Aroma [MV] Monotone

Music by aroma (All Rights Reserved)
Albums: Cooperative

Composed by aron.aroma

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香港動漫電玩節 2014 Cosplay

16th ACGHK 2014
Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong

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[實驗樂團] The Box 盒子

The box is a theatrical music ensemble founded by Kung Chi Shing and
Peter Suart in Hong Kong in 1987. The two founders share an interest
in experimental music, improvisation, visual and theatrical environments
for music, and in literature. They have experimented with various musical
 forms - ambient, electronic, rock, folk - and have presented straight
concerts, theatrical concerts and full-blown music theatre works.

「 盒子」在1987年由龔志成和彼得小話組成,其特色在於探索不同的表演形式,

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我地係二人電子音樂組合,成立於1993年7月1日. 係我地網頁裡面各個份頁有幾十首作品可以試聽................. ...Read more

Languages Spoken cantonese
Fans 20
Hometown 香港
Gender male