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Trailer for Documentary "Wing Chun"

Hi everyone,

It's been a very very long time since my last entry, part of the reason for this is that I've been extremely busy making a documentary film called "Wing Chun".

I'll go into more detail about the process of making it in a later blog entry but for now here's some links to the trailer for the film.

First one can be found on youtube:

Video: http://youtu.be/ixJBRiN_MVY

For Chine...Read more

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Linda Chung Music Videos

Greetings friends,

Apologies for the copyright mix-up on the video linked in my last blog.

Now that the second video I directed for Linda has been released and that both videos are available on a bonus DVD on her album (in shops now!) it seems a good time to do a new blog.

My good friend Alan Wai has blogged about the shoot so I won't go into details here but I will say that Linda was a delight to work with and that I couldn't be happi...Read more

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鍾嘉欣 Linda Chung - If You Want Me Music Video

Hi everyone,The video's had to be removed due to a copyright mix-up. I'll repost as soon as it's been cleared up.Best,Seamus

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Somebody To Love - Full short film

Hello All,

I'm very happy to be finally able to show you all the full short film I made in Hong Kong - "Somebody To Love". The film stars Philip Ng,Yennis Cheung,Read more

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Hello all,

Been a while since my last entry so thought I'd put up something me and some friends have been working on for the last few weeks in our spare time.

These are some (very) short films we made ostensibly to test my friends new camera (Canon 5D mkii) but they took on a life of their own and became what you will see below.

They are NOT for the faint of heart as they are quite violent so you have been warned. I suspect you may have to know us personally to fully get the joke and particularly the first video is o...Read more

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Announcing "AVP" a new action feature with Vanness Wu, Andy On and Philip Ng.

Hello to all,

Been a while since my last blog which was so kindly put on the home page of AnD. Not sure who to thank for that but you have my gratitude mysterious stranger.

Thanks as well to everyone who thought to leave feedback, sorry that I didn't respond to any comments but the whole back and forth internet discussion isn't really my bag. Sorry too for the unbearable pretentiousness of the title of said blog. I make no apologies however for the...Read more

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The genius of Steven Spielberg

Hello to all,

Its been a while and the only thing I have worth writing about has to be kept quiet at the moment so I thought I would take the chance to do something I've wanted to do for some time which is talk about my admiration for Steven Spielberg and especially the way in which he uses blocking and camera placement.

I suspect this will only be of interest to people who are as nerdy about films as me but anyone else can give it a try for a few paragraphs and make up their minds. I will say now that I do...Read more

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Somebody to Love wins 'Best Short Film' at Yellow Fever Film Festival!

Hey Everyone,

It's been far too long since I've done an entry. So I'm pleased to say I have a new entry and something worth writing about too!

Somebody to Love recently won 'Best Short Film' at the Yellow Fever Film Festival! The festival was organised by George Clarke a man very much after my own heart. There were some great films shown so it was an honour to be chosen for Best Short.

Read more

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Short Scene from the movie

Hello All,

Am very near the end of post production. Just waiting for my friend to be freed up from post production work on a paid job to be able to finish the VFX for the film and a few small things to fix in the sound mix.

Thought now would be a good time to show everyone a short action clip from the film. This scene takes place at the end of the 2nd act of the film and sets up the final action. It is a short scene as action scenes go but I must say I am quite proud of it.

Everyone involved did a great job ...Read more

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Back in Ireland

Hello again,

I've been back in Ireland for about a week now and have been relaxing and putting the finishing touches on the film (in that order)

First off apologies to the people who commented on my guestbook who I haven't yet replied to, I've been neglecting my AnD duties lately but I hope to catch up soon.

Anyways the film is very nearly finished (for real this time) but in the meantime here is the old trailer in Hi-definition and with colour correction.

Video: Read more

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