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FIRST commisioned design at Red Sky Studio

Not a week into my apprenticeship and I already have full sleeve design commission. I'm not anywhere near getting to use the machine and tattoo, but I can design. Philip J Felix, the owner of the shop,gave me the go ahead to do the job and  is going to tattoo the final design when completed. what an honor.

A gentlemen by the name of Ed came into the shop, right up to me and showed me this Haida Bear band design on his wrist. the artist who did the work did not connect the band and he was looking for revi...Read more

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FIGHT or Flight

Week 1. Tattoos is all about fight or flight. do I just sit here and let this person inflict pain on my ass or do I run away with an unfinished piece of work. thats what everyone goes through when they get marked. I spent all my savings on a new engine for my truck, I found out when I got here that one of my gigs is no longer moving forward. that was 4 months worth of pay...and my only gig left is moving way slow. Rent back in LA is due in two weeks and being out here is just taking cash every day...and I miss my lady.

Fight of flight...Read more

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11.11 I arrived

So I finally arrive at my Studio, www.myspace.com/redskystudio, on 11/11 which just happens to be my magic number. it follows me everywhere. I did not even know what day it was when I arrived.

So I'm guessing this all happened for a reason and my ancestors confirmed this by getting me here on 11/11 to confirm it with me.

Its been five days and I've done a lot. But when I got here I find that the publishing company I'm working for is making drastic ch...Read more

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Does everyone pay the PRICE?

And at what cost?

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Do you SEE?

Or am I blind?

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I just don't BUY IT

Do you?

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I've never seen anything like this BEFORE...

..is something I've heard a lot lately. I wish I could say it was about my art, but sadly its about my truck. I picked up my truck last friday. I decided to drive it around locally for a couple days before I hit the road. good thing too because it started to make the same sounds again. Machine guns at 3000 rpm. I had it towed back to the shop. they were closed sunday and opened the engine today

to see what was going on.

Vedict, the worst of bad. "I've rebuilt 200 engines in my day ...Read more

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Tattooing on the BRAIN

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TA3jXe2pwUI

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from replaced to REBUILT

So the replacement engine came in a couple days ago and it was a piece of shit and we couldn't find another one. Only rebuilt or new ones and those are too expensive. My engine fits toyota trucks from 1988 to 1996 so its a popular engine. My mechanic is now rebuilding my engine for the same amount of money it would of cost to replace it with a used one. So basically my engine will be like new when its done. Valve job, new connecting rod, oil pump, repolished crank, new barrings, timing belt, etc...AND a new clutch. which is a new...Read more

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