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11.11 I arrived

So I finally arrive at my Studio, www.myspace.com/redskystudio, on 11/11 which just happens to be my magic number. it follows me everywhere. I did not even know what day it was when I arrived.

So I'm guessing this all happened for a reason and my ancestors confirmed this by getting me here on 11/11 to confirm it with me.

Its been five days and I've done a lot. But when I got here I find that the publishing company I'm working for is making drastic changes in schedule and work load with out keeping me in the communication loop what so ever. No one in the company felt the need to let me know whats going on and its totally screwing me out of the money I was depending on to be out here...and its just rude and insulting they have no regard for me...but really, I shouldn't be surprised.

But fuck it, no worries.  It seems that I have to just deal with the repercussions of changing.I don't know how I'm gonna pay rent now, but when has that ever been different. not for years. I guess thats why I'm here. Hollywood is tired. I can't depend on it any longer. I have to take my destiny in my own hands.

So working at Red Sky is great. The other 4 apprentices are all about 10 years younger than me with mad talent and potential. We all get along and none of us are threatened by the other. its a very loving environment. Thanks to our mentor Philip J Felix. He sets the standard.

Lots of watching, setting up stations, striking, cleaning and tuturials on the machine. today I'm gonna tattoo a grapefruit and hopefully next I will be tattooing flesh.

I will keep you posted.

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I hate suits! but dont worry things always work out for the good people don't it >;-D
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