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30 Days and Nights of Tattoos. update

SO I had to replace my engine. Friggen' baring in my crank is a two part baring. the two parts folded in on them selves and rolled around with the crank doing god knows what to my valves. so even if they repaired the baring and crank and did the machine work necessary to bring back to driving condition it would not be certain it was fixed or that other shit wasn't damaged. AND it would cost more than replacing the engine. so I'm replacing the engine. great. good times.

But there is a silver lining. I ...Read more

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JUST when you get ahead...

The initial report. complete engine failure. still waiting to get the confirmation but it looks

like I need a new engine. $1100 for the engine, $1400 for the labor. $2500 for a total of $4000

into my car.

I have one thing to say


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typical, more OBSTACLES

I just dropped $1500 into my truck for my 30 Days and Nights of Tattoos trip.well, not just for this trip but because I haven't had the extra flow to put into my baby for a bit and it was time.

I bought her brand new, straight off the rotating display in  the front of the dealership with my first residual check from Image comics back in 1993. I can count on one hand how many real problems I've had with her and still have fingers left over . I don't drive her much these days,though, so thats part of the problem too...Read more

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30 days and 30 nights of TATTOOS

I tuned up my truck, paid all the bills, bought new underwear and now I'm making my check list.

Art Supplies, ipod, camping equipment, passport (cuz its hard to tell whos legal or illegal these days), reference books and magzines, camera, underwear and trees.

The only thing left to do is finish this freelance work, fill up my tank and start driving.

I'm trekking out to Tucson Arizona for a month of extensive tattoo training. Which is something

I've been saying for a long time, but ...Read more

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Be careful what you wish for. hahahahaha, no I'm not complaining...much. just a little maybe.

tiny tiny bit. because work is a blessing for sure. no doubt. and work that pays well is

an even better blessing. not as common of a blessing. but why is the work that pays well so

hard to work on and the work that pays me nothing so fun? rhetorical of course.

I'm juggling four gigs right now. I had a two month dry spell and that rocked my pocket.

spanked my head and kicked my tooky,  I've been thro...Read more

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the man, the myth, THE BABY!

thats right..fightin' the power since birth.



i don't think I was ever cute...damn...hahahahaha

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FACE from the archive

As I'm trying to come up with Blog material I find a lot of my new work I'm not ready to show

cuz I'm sensitive like that,lol, and/or I'm working for people I have signed NDAs for.

So I look to my archive. this one is from 2005. again I'm playing around with some anime look and mixing it with a little Maya art influence. Although I pushed it the forehead more, they usual tend to be stylized smaller in the traditional Mayan art. but since I was rendering it to look real as opposed to graphic glyph type...Read more

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i like BOOBIES

I joke, I joke...I love them...lol.

this one was fun for obvious reasons but also fun cuz I was tryin my hand at a little remix of styles. Some of my high energy brush strokes with crazy textures and a little anime influence

in the face and breastestest. Back in the 90s I work for Verotik Comics and colored a lot

of Wingbird art...it rubbed off on me.lol

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introducing RED SKY STUDIO

Red Sky Studio. Built, owned and operated by artist and owner Philip J. Felix.

Philip brands his shop with his award winning flavor. He moved to Tucson AZ 8 years ago to get out of the hollywood hustle, focus on his paintings, tattoos and last but not least raising his children.

For the last 3 years Red Sky Studio has been running strong and Philip is currently booked

for the next 4 months straight. He has 4 apprentices under him and now I have come

aboard as the studios Creative Director aggressive...Read more

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RED SKY STUDIO promotional art

this piece was designed to promote my wonderful studio. www.myspace.com/redskystudio.

you can go to www.redskystudio.com but the site is unfinished and sucky. I'm currently

revampin that mofo.

So I'm the creative director for a art gallery tattoo studio. its beautiful. small but powerful. unfortunately I work remotely at the moment but go out from time to time to work. Next...Read more

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