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from replaced to REBUILT

So the replacement engine came in a couple days ago and it was a piece of shit and we couldn't find another one. Only rebuilt or new ones and those are too expensive. My engine fits toyota trucks from 1988 to 1996 so its a popular engine. My mechanic is now rebuilding my engine for the same amount of money it would of cost to replace it with a used one. So basically my engine will be like new when its done. Valve job, new connecting rod, oil pump, repolished crank, new barrings, timing belt, etc...AND a new clutch. which is a new fix but my clutch is 15 years old so its no big deal. I should be running smooth any day now....and thats the thing about rebuilding an engine. it takes longer than replacing it.

I would be mad but my Lady found some cheap Chris Cornell tickets performing at The House of Blues for this weekend so it kinda makes me feel like the wait was worth it.

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