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FIGHT or Flight

Week 1. Tattoos is all about fight or flight. do I just sit here and let this person inflict pain on my ass or do I run away with an unfinished piece of work. thats what everyone goes through when they get marked. I spent all my savings on a new engine for my truck, I found out when I got here that one of my gigs is no longer moving forward. that was 4 months worth of pay...and my only gig left is moving way slow. Rent back in LA is due in two weeks and being out here is just taking cash every day...and I miss my lady.

Fight of flight.

Lots of good stuff is happening out here though. I've already been commissioned to do two major pieces. one sleeve and one back piece. The sleeve is of Haida origin, Pacific North West tribes here in North America, which is perfect for me. I love those designs. The back design is a cover up for a

super talented performer, Cirq De Soleil type of performance art. She has an amazing back, muscular, and the type of designs she wants is very similar to the work I have on my arms so its all

such a perfect scenario.

I've been bouncing around sleeping at my bruthas house and the studio. I'm really enjoying my time here with the other apprenctices. We all get along and collaborate seemlessly.

Last night I had one of them, Cree, tattoo my middle knuckels with the sacred mayan number, 13.

Cree has amazing control and I felt like he was perfect for an area I will be looking at all the time. my hands.

so there it is, week one. did I mention I tattooed a grapefruit?? 3.5 hours of tattoo time, was hell on my hand. last time I only lasted 20 minutes so its an improvement but I have to strengthen my hands more.

more to come.

thanks for reading.

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The Tat... simple but pretty cool! Nice!!
over 15 years ago
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hang in there man~ thats always work out for good people, sometime in a weird way but it does work out. good job on the grapfruit!
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