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my tattoo apprenticeship conts. at Body Electric Hollywood

So I have aligned with mega house, Body Electric Tattoo on Melrose Ave in LA to continue my tattoo education.

I am truly blessed. this is a best case scenario.

Its been hard to make trips out to TUcson to continue my education with Red Sky Studio because finances have been rough. So we decided that I need

to align with a local shop to continue my education when I'm not in AZ.

So I looked at about 10 shops. non of which gave me any kind of real feedback and basical...Read more

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i broke 20000 HITS!!

I must be alive and not dead.

thanks everyone for clicking me!!!

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BITE process

Sharing a work in progress.

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ANIMATED GIJoe Resolute pirate footage

I worked on the new animated story coming on. Painted backgrounds. someone leaked the teaser....wasn't me

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zITV5dmBl3k

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CHANGE for Mickey

A good friend of mine told me he wanted a tattoo on his back in old english style type that said "change"...I could relate so I did a design...need portfolio pieces too and I;m better at doing assignments than doing one on my own.  I'm not very good at lettering. one of my weaknesses.

I used a existing font as reference but took liberties and added a bit of Mr Bite-ness.lol

While making a tattoo portfolio I realize how much I need to draw more. I've been using the computer too much these days,

and t...Read more

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WATCHING your back

Dragons are good at that.

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CHICCHAN - cheek’ chan

CHICCHAN - - The Serpent. Chicchan lives by instinct. Things always work out for this sun but it is not quite sure why. Chicchan like all other suns of the east initiates or births ideas or creation. Chicchan remembers and receives knowledge, and is ruled by the crown chakra. Chicchan is a water Sun that is strong willed, extremist, powerful and charismatic. It has a very penetrating almost harsh energy. Chicchan has strong emotions and feelings that affect others powerfully. Chicchan is ruled by the asteroid belt. This sun is always...Read more

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TATTOO design(back piece)

It aint a dragon, but I thought I'd share anyway...dragon designs scare me. My mentor is

king at designing dragons, kinda intimidating...but next on my agenda...I SWEAR, SENSEI, I SWEAR!!!!


Koi represents "perserverance in adversity and strength of purpose".the size represents wealth. the Koi in japanese culture, swims upstream to the final waterfall where it transforms into the water dragon. We all aspire to be prosperous, as well as something greater in purpose and find strength in ...Read more

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NEW art

A sketch that I'm digitally painting in Photoshop.

She's a character from a something I'm dishin up for you mofos. I'm almost done with the painting. will post when completed.

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CONNECTION with self, spirit and intent (part 1)

ANCIENT ALIENS was on last night on the History Channel. they covered all the links to ancient structures and their connection to the stars, ancient technology and how they achieved it. One of the facts that tripped me out was one of the mayan structures mirrors the Orion constellation(which i knew)

and how there is a series of land marks on the surface of Mars that has the exact same layout(which I didn;t know).

With Carbon data being affected by sun flares we are finding that these ancient st...Read more

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