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From time to time the ancestors speak to me. I don't know who they belong to but they cloud and overwhelm my head. I find that white noise, audio and visual white noise helps me focus on one voice at a time...sometimes multiple ones with the same intent or story or just plan ol craziness.

I get inspirations for art and music in that white noise if I end up talking to a helpful ancestor. sometimes I get weak fearful ones that rub off on me.

This time I was playing around with brush stroke textures I made in Illustrator and t...Read more

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More old process. Late night adventures with Mr Bite

I came across some production problems with these animation plates I'm working on...mostly, the problem that they expect me to do more work than I should...lol.

I bill by the hour at times and I don't want to bill them for being confused. so I'll stop

and have some fun on A.N.D.

hey, if they haven't coined the term, A.N.D. then I just did. take note.


I digress. So heres some more old school technique stuff. I share this because I actually saved so...Read more

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Old Process

I started this piece in 2003 and finished it in 2005. Heres a little sample of my process

back then. I wish I could tell you where my head was at as far as process. I think

I was just trying to push my personal work more. The character was inspired

by a story concept I have  but I didn't have any set course of action. I used the standard

PS brushes but then made a couple splatter brushes for some more textures and blood.

Used smear tool on the blood and walked away for a couple years for some reason.Read more

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13 is a sacred number in the Mayan culture. its used in their math and measurement of the universe and intent. In western culture its associated with outlaws or back luck. I love

the way the numbers are written in Maya. its much like the iChing.

The first Mayan text, the Popol Vuh, the Mayan Book of Life. no one really knows

how old it is and it is written on Chinese Bark paper way before the two nations

are suppose to have met.  Theres a theory that the iChing is the code of DNA while the Mayan Numbers are the code to lig...Read more

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New Comic Project, Top Cows Velocity

Just when I leave comics it pulls me back in.

Amazing talent and artist Chris Cross contacted me a few months back and offered me the coloring gig on the new series, Velocity through TOp COw Comics. Written by Joe Casey, Drawn by Cross, edited by Rob Levin and now colored by me.

We're all very excited. Its been tough for me to get into that comic rhythm

but so far I'm having fun.

more top secret stuff. will share when I can.

be on the look out!

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Working on the New GIJoe Animation

 I'm way stoked to share that I have been painting backgrounds for the new GIJoe animation, commissioned by Hasbro, produced by Titmouse Inc. and Directed by Joaquim Dos Santos with Character and BG designs by Dave Johnson. ...oh yeah, and can't forget written by Warren Ellis.

These guys are doing an amazing job and I think the fans of the franchise will be way pleased. Lots of violence. No lasers of cobra dudes  jumping out of tanks before they explode. so far everything is everything I wanted GIJoe to be.....Read more

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Yeah, I did that too...

I've been working in fashion design, mostly in leather clothes, jewelry and tshirt graphics but have done the myriad to some extent. I had a five month in studio retainer designing trim. thats, stitching, buttons, rivets, zipper pulls, hang tags, etc. I was also developing an accessory division under the direction of J...Read more

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Personal Art Book, Coming Soon!

I had to put it out there to put the fire under my ass.

Sometimes you get side tracked from personal endevours

to take care of life poopoo. But now its time to get back

on track.

Heres the back cover (first concept) for my

personal art book I'm working on.

pray for me, its a mo...Read more

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Red Sky Studio My Home

Owned and run by artist Philip J. Felix. He was an Art Director and Designer in animation out in Los Angeles for 16 years and left the game 8 years ago to pursue tattoos and his painting. For the last 2 years he has been running his own shop successfully and is booked at least 5 months in advance. I'm the creative direct...Read more

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With sixteen years’ experience in the animation, comic book, fashion design and video game fields, the artist known as Snakebite has brought his unique skill set and award-winning aesthetic flavor to bear on projects for a diverse clientele ranging from Dreamworks Animation to DC Comics, Von Dutch to VH1. He is an expert illustrator ...Read more

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