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FIRST commisioned design at Red Sky Studio

Not a week into my apprenticeship and I already have full sleeve design commission. I'm not anywhere near getting to use the machine and tattoo, but I can design. Philip J Felix, the owner of the shop,gave me the go ahead to do the job and  is going to tattoo the final design when completed. what an honor.

A gentlemen by the name of Ed came into the shop, right up to me and showed me this Haida Bear band design on his wrist. the artist who did the work did not connect the band and he was looking for revisions as well as a completion of a full sleeve. I told him that I was an apprentice and could

not tattoo on him but he still wanted me to do it. I'm really into tribal design. especially symbolism.

Haida was my first tribal work I was exposed to and got tattooed on my body so I am really excited.

This is what I want to specialize in.

random tribal shapes are cool, but I like to honor the tribes. I know that some tribe members get mad when people outside their tribes mimic their works, but I come from a new school that has great respect for the elders and ancestors but believes its time to adapt and connect with other tribes.

so with all due respect I took on the job.

This is the very first rough. rough. did I say rough? yes, rough. But I want to share my learning process so I'm gonna share shit I wouldn't normally share. would much rather just show you the finished piece.

So Ed came in and he let me draw on his body for practice. I did some sketches on paper but I thought I'm in no rush and he's not getting tattooed until April since Philip is booked up to that point. So I'm experimenting and doing super rough detail blocking on skin in addition to sketching.

way fun. it took about 2.5 hours total. I thought I was going fast, I guess not,lol...a great lesson though.

thanks for reading.


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