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Tron De Los Muertos Party: Video Highlights

SO Petra Gallerie Halloween party was a huge success. SO many people showed up. Live music, dope DJ. Catered tacos, good drink, smoke, conversation...and of course ART! what more can you ask for? the night just flew by.

Check the video. I pulled it out my ass. I had a Flip in one hand, digital camera in the other. Snapin and filmin...even caught the cops trying to shut us down..but NOOOOO, it worked itself out. nice!

score one for the positive creative guys and gals...I can't tell you how many p...Read more

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Check out the Petra Gallerie Opening video

I love my spot! Still dialing it in, but its coming together real quick!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxtItaew7t0

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Gone but Back again. Now I have a Gallery/Boutique in Los Angeles

I don't know if people even keep track of me anymore. I'm hardly here. Trying to be better with this social site update thing. lol

So lots has happened since last I posted. But I'm gonna focus on one very important thing that has taken my time the last few months.

My new Gallery. I found someone who wanted to start a Gallery in...Read more

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Haven't been around. I suck. Here's some art to make up for it.

So yeah, I know, I haven't been supporting Alive Not Dead like I should. There's just so much socializing going on in this virtual world I had to actually go out into the world and engage in the flesh!

Alive Not Dead and myself have a lot in common. Mostly, I'm alive not dead...but also, I too have a social online network. Its 11 years old this month! 10 of those years it was just a message board of professional artists who work in animation all over the world. Some w...Read more

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been awhile, art COLLABORATION

its been awhile since I've been here. lots of communities to commune communally. lol

been doing a lot of work these days. sharing is caring, right? so I care, just been all over the place.

I wonder if people still even check my page???? lol the most known unknown dude I know.

so this is pencils by Jose Holder. I dig his style and want to work with him. so I've done some pieces in hopes it might hook some attention...and some gigs.

I hope you like it

Art By Jose Holder

Digi...Read more

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GIJoe Resolute airs tomorrow night on Cartoon Network

"Beginning on April 17, fans will be able to see the first five minutes of the brand new, stand-alone animated mini-series on AdultSwim.com. These episodes are broken down to ten 5-minute episodes and one 10-minute finale. Following the first episode on April 17, subsequent installments will be posted on the Adult Swim website leading up to a full presentation of the entire series. This finale will be broadcast on Adult Swim April 25 at midnight. This televised event will not only feature all episode...Read more

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finished yet still RAW

So here's the finished version(for those of you following the process).

I kept the technique raw and sketchy. didn't want to tighten everything up. I like the energy in the original sketch and wanted to try to preserve it. I tried to balance the textures of outfit and bling bling. On to the next one.

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this is my flower demon back piece concept. just having fun building a tattoo design portfolio

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a tattoo work in PROGRESS

Just sketching around. I need to do much more. building a new portfolio can be overwhelming.

but at least its fun.

this is a work in progress. far from finished.

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