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Haven't been around. I suck. Here's some art to make up for it.

So yeah, I know, I haven't been supporting Alive Not Dead like I should. There's just so much socializing going on in this virtual world I had to actually go out into the world and engage in the flesh!

Alive Not Dead and myself have a lot in common. Mostly, I'm alive not dead...but also, I too have a social online network. Its 11 years old this month! 10 of those years it was just a message board of professional artists who work in animation all over the world. Some were working for the big studios, others were independent and others were students. A lot of lurkers who were unknown to us but would cause much trouble...but shit, it really was no thing. part of the movement. The last year we took a huge leap forward and created a multimedia platform to help spread our core message and to showcase and promote our members. So we are now positioned to be THE place to

check out the latest and greatest of independent productions in animation. We also continue to have some of the most progressive conversations on animation production and financing, as well as access to some of the hottest international artists.

AND to top it off we put on monthly events on the last tuesday of every month where we have guest speakers and presenters like Paul Felix from Disney, Dean Yeagle and a great occasional mini convention where I invite a handful of the best Los Angeles artists in these fields to sell their

latest original merchandise. Its a blast going well into the late evening each time! 50-100 people always show up.

So the lesson is that its great to be virtual, but even better to participate with each other physically.

So with my freelance work to pay the bills, this takes up a great deal of my time.

check it out


register here if interested


and/or just join our newsletter and we'll keep you in the loop


I'm also still drawing a lot, practicing my tattoo designs and saving my pennies for a pair of machines. Gotta get back to pokin people.

Here's a little something I'm currently working on.

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