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Tron De Los Muertos Party: Video Highlights

SO Petra Gallerie Halloween party was a huge success. SO many people showed up. Live music, dope DJ. Catered tacos, good drink, smoke, conversation...and of course ART! what more can you ask for? the night just flew by.

Check the video. I pulled it out my ass. I had a Flip in one hand, digital camera in the other. Snapin and filmin...even caught the cops trying to shut us down..but NOOOOO, it worked itself out. nice!

score one for the positive creative guys and gals...I can't tell you how many people are gravitating to the shop. fuckin amazing!!! I'm so excited. just wait. We're gonna do some shit.

So the video doesn't really cover the art, more like the pace of the night...fast.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfJG31BZFg8

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