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GIJoe Resolute airs tomorrow night on Cartoon Network

"Beginning on April 17, fans will be able to see the first five minutes of the brand new, stand-alone animated mini-series on AdultSwim.com. These episodes are broken down to ten 5-minute episodes and one 10-minute finale. Following the first episode on April 17, subsequent installments will be posted on the Adult Swim website leading up to a full presentation of the entire series. This finale will be broadcast on Adult Swim April 25 at midnight. This televised event will not only feature all episodes seen online, but will be the first time fans can watch the final 10 minutes of the G.I. Joe: Resolute saga. All episodes, including the finale, will be available to view online after this airing."

Here's the trailer. Movie Directed by Joaquim Dos Santos.


..and yeah, I got to work on it. hehehe, painted a ton of the background keys. here's a sample.

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man, you are into a great project, I'm so jealous, hahaha~ By the way, always love your colouring!!! Respect all the time ^_^
almost 15 years ago
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Great stuff dude!!!
almost 15 years ago
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waow amazing!!!
almost 15 years ago


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