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DorYuk is alive..

Wassup, Eddie aka DorYuk here. DorYuk means literially "much meat". I was given this name cause I am somewhat meaty all around my body.

Anyhow, I am a music producer/composer. I am the producer for 24 Herbs. FIrst of all, I am really happy to be part of this movement of alivenotdead. The site is a dope idea. Its been great to have met most of the guys from A.N.D. Thanks to Patrick and Mark and Boon and of course T Dog. Its has also been loads of fun preping for the Let's Fight concerts. Thanks to Paul and Polar Bear Johnny for organizing. Hanging out with Hardpack, Audio Traffic, Qiu Hong, Josie and Paul has been fun. I haven't yet had a chance to chat to all the bands but I look forward to it during the gig.

Producing for 24 has been a lot of fun and drinking and sometimes we even get some music done. I must give Ghost Styles a lot of credit as he also makes beats and tracks for 24 Herbs. 24 is looking forward to releasing our album soon. We are are being very picky with out selection and we already have more than enough for an album but we want to make more tracks first and than select the best ones. Thanks for checking out my links. Cheers !


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Doryuk 63 doryuk
Yeah, our lyrics have some swear words. Our point of view is that it is real and the guys write as they would speak. You can even tell who swears more in the group. Anyhow, it is not suppose to be offensive just an expression. Take care.
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