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iPhone drawing..

this is kool.. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iv5dDGjUXI&eurl=

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Man Flu

I have had this man flu before.... pretty much how I felt.  Video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=IsvWK_EedLU

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More Beef Orama..

Here is another very good piece of meat I had recently. At Lawry's prime rib in Causeway Bay. Don't get me wrong, I don't eat like this all the time but they don't call me DorYuk for nothing...

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Dropped in on Simon's exhibition last week. He was part of the "Looking for Antonio Mak" exhibition. It was very well done, some really nice pieces there. Simon also had an exhibition at the LV store on Canton Rd which I also went to check out. I finally had an excuse to visit an LV store !! I have never set foot in one in my life. Anyhow, Simon's exhibit was very well done with pictures and painting by SB and more pictures by our friends Stanley Wong and Wing Shya. I was surprise to find some very nice cook books at the store. Here&...Read more

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Beef Orama !

I had a bet with Conroy about a week ago and he lost. The deal was a very expensive steak dinner. Check out my prize !! Talk about DorYuk !!! 18oz of US Angus Strip Loin charcoal grilled to perfection.   Everyone's a winner coz Conroy got to eat some beef also but he kept his word and paid.......RESPECT ! Tks bro Read more

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I got a bit of a cold, probably after surfing etc. So I went to my chinese doctor to get a few doses of chinese medicine. I tend to prefer the chinese medicine now days because it works and I don't want to keep taking antibiotics if I can help it. All the antibiotics also make me feel awful. But then again, chinese medicine is not exactly great to drink either. I was checking out the place and they had all sorts of dried animals like rattle snakes, sea horses, dried fatty tissue of snow frogs, dried lizards and loads of roots and fungus etc. Even...Read more

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Shek O Surfin'

Early last week, I took a morning off as there was some surf around HK. Got there around 930am and sat out there for a little over an hour. Unfortunately I didn't catch much other then a sniffle. There were some big sets but it was all very dumpy. According to my friend, the recent typhoons changed the shape of the sandy bottom and stuffed it up so the shape of the waves are not so good. Anyhow, whatever, it was still nice to be out in the sun and sea. Read more

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BBQ Bday

The boys took me out for a special BBQ for my b'day earlier this month. It a place in Sheung Wan, and they serve things like BBQ goose liver and BBQ oyster all for quite reasonable prices. Thanks guys !! It was great. Oh, and they have draught beer which is a must for any BBQ.  Read more

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Shu Qi ad.

Here is another advert I worked on recently. It features Shu Qi. I didn't get to meet her for this but recently met her on another job we did for LV.

Video: http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fH9FLtDpVmk

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