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Small Breakdown

I don't really have some fresh news about the movie, we still working on it, and specialy for the FX part... Here a small breakdown of one of the scene: 关于这部电影,我暂时没有新的消息,我们正在进行工作制作中,尤其是特效的部分。这里是一些电影效果的分散图片。请看: Of course the video is much better to see ^_^ but not for the moment :P当然视频影片更值得观看^^不过不是暂时,尽请期待 :P

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oh poor Stanley!
almost 14 years ago
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Good job!~ Cant wait to see the rest of the film!!~
almost 14 years ago
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Cool! :)
almost 14 years ago
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almost 14 years ago


Belgian independant filmmaker in China! Making some cool short films online! 比利時導演住中國拍攝酷的微電影。

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